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 Carol Danvers

Carol Danvers

Captain Marvel
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Feb 14 2018, 06:02 PM
Carol Danvers
Captain Marvel
37(Biologically, 27)
Interstellar Adventurer
Brie Larson
Welcome. Have a seat please and we can begin. We'll start off simple. If you could please give us your name, along with any nickname, alias or codename you might use. We also require your age and where you are from.

"Major Carol Danvers, born in Boston, and I guess you could call me Captain Marvel." Captain Mar-vell. Carol had taken the name to honor her old friend, the Kree explorer who had rescued her from the clutches of those damned Skrulls. He'd given his life to keep her safe, and she'd resolved to make the extra time she'd been given worth that sacrifice. "My age... is an odd subject of discussion. I haven't aged since I was abducted in 2008. Between that, time-dilation, and some time on a planet where time crawls to a stop... I don't know. Let's just say that I'm twenty seven, and I have been for the past decade."

Now, how would you describe yourself?

"Ahh, I've always been bad at these kinds of questions,", a brilliant smile grew to dominate her face and spread her lips thin as the woman looked off at nothing in particular. A half chuckle preceded her reply, "People have called me lots of things. I'm can be cold as hell, assertive, and direct when the situation calls for it. When I put my mind to something, it gets done. No excuses, no shifting the blame, and no bullshit. At the same time, though, I'm not this miserable human that never smiles and hates herself. Military bearing is important, but you gotta know how to be a person. Without that, they may as well build a bunch of robots to protect the earth, right?"

That was a terrible idea. Her dealings with the Phalanx told the woman all she needed to know about entrusting machines with anything beyond menial tasks. Give them too much intelligence and they start thinking about stuff, like whether or not it would be more efficient to take over and turn all of the fleshy things into jelly.

Tell us something positive and negative about you.

"I'm a big fan of drinking," that large grin slowly began to fade away, and her voice grew solemn, "to a fault. Things have gone pretty bad for me, in the past. I got pretty crazy with the booze. I still drink, mind you. I'm just a lot more careful about how I drink it. Alcoholism and my powers don't exactly mix." Before her thoughts could delve any further into the heavy, edgy stuff she turned them around to the interviewer's question. Positive and negative. "And positive? I'm a pretty good leader. Turns out that all you need is a good head on your shoulders, a bit of decisiveness, and a backbone. I mean there are extra steps, too, but I'm good at leading people. Combat or peacetime. A shame that it feels like we'll be needing a whole lot of the former."

Could you tell us about any family, friends or significant people in your life?

Exactly where she was trying to keep her thoughts from going. Fucking awesome. A heavy sigh drew a deep breath in only to push it out again, and her mind fell on old family and friends. Oldest of three, Joe and Steven being her younger brothers. The latter of the two died a good fifteen years ago during a tour in Afghanistan. Her dad obviously wanted a son for the oldest instead of a daughter, because he had always favored Joe Jr over her. All of these thoughts crossed her mind more as facts, like the answers to a trivia game. Emotional attachment to much of her life had been ripped from her, stolen by a criminal years ago.

Tears gathered at the corner of her eyes; she'd once been so close with her brothers and her mom. Gone. All of her buddies from the air force, shield, and nasa. Gone. Old boyfriends, flames, and flings. Nothing. Each one may as well have been a character she read about in a history book, and the thought broke her heart. Rather than cry, she reigned herself in and found the gaze of the sympathetic journalist. "Next question, please."

What talents, powers or abilities do you possess? Do you have any weaknesses?

"The question on everyone's mind, yeah? I think everyone's seen what I can do. I'll play my cards close to the chest, thanks." An almost smirk formed at the mask-less woman's red lips as she spoke, observing the reporter before her with an aire of almost curiosity. Had he really believed she'd just share her every last strength and weakness? Carol supposed she couldn't blame him for trying, though.

Energy Manipulation

  • Energy Absorption: Carol's body can soak in various types of energy and then use it to augment her physical abilities. Using this ability she as much as double her attributes and fire off Photonic rays.
  • Photonic Blast: Additionally, Carol can fire beams of stellar energy that use both heat and concussion from her hands and fingertips. They are powerful enough to turn mundane metals red-hot with sustained exposure, and powerful enough to put a dent in ballistic steel.
Kree/Human Hybrid Physiology
  • Strength/Durability: Carol is superhumanly strong, being able to lift 3 tons above her head. In addition she can withstand all manner of small arms fire, herculean impacts, pressure and temperature extremes, and she's all but immune to earthly toxins and poisons.
  • Speed, Agility, & Stamina: Captain Marvel can run faster than any regular human could possibly move, and her abilities also endow her with superhuman agility, balance, and coordination equal to an Olympic gold medalist. Additionally, she can perform at peak levels for up to an hour straight without growing tired.
  • Flight: Using stored energy, Carol can fly at a maximum of twice the speed of sound.


  • Ace Pilot: Maj. Danvers was an extremely skilled pilot in the airforce and shield, and prior to her abduction she was a very capable astronaut. During her adventures in space she also became a master pilot in all kree and shi'ar craft.
  • Multilingual: Carol is fluent in multiple languages other than english including; Russian, Kree, and Shi'ar.
  • Master Combatant: Though the Air Force gave her basic hand-to-hand techniques, it was on her sojourn out into space that she learned how to truly fight. Since then she's become an extremely skilled melee combatant.


  • Energy Absorption: Though Carol has the ability to absorb energy that's projected into her, too much could cause a detonation that could severely damage her and everything in her immediate area. After said detonation her stores of energy would be depleted and her body begins to atrophy.
  • Augmentation: Though she has the ability to enhance her abilities with stored energy, doing so rapidly depletes her stores and can leave Carol physically exhausted without careful energy management.
  • Energy Intake: Without regular energy absorption, Carol's body begins to atrophy at an alarming rate thanks to the hodge podge of her DNA. She can stem this by eating an abhorrent amount of food, but for understandable reasons she detests this method.

Thank you for your time. We'll have this interview processed in no time. Meanwhile, please exit to the door on your left.

"Thanks for your time," a thin smile found the woman's face before she rose up and followed the woman's instructions.


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Mar 16 2018, 05:57 PM
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