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 The Deadliest of Flowers, -Laurie's Plotter-

Laurie Garrison

20 years old
7 posts
Jun 13 2018, 08:56 AM

Laurie Garrison

Wallflower is her father's daughter, choosing to be brought up by her father Laurie became a confident but ultimately selfish young woman who had no issues using her pheromones to get what she wanted. Wallflower possesses the ability to release emotion altering pheromones into the air which change the brain patterns of those who inhale them. They feel emotions that Laurie wishes them to or in a more uncontrolled state of fury or confusion whatever she is feeling at that moment.

Adoration, love, loyalty... her power could bring her many perks in life so it was no surprise that she caught the attention of important people with Wallflower being the subject of attention of both the White and Black Queens of the Hellfire Club.

Laurie has shown herself to be an adaptable individual who is able to change face depending on the situation and get what she wants.


Her friends outside of the Hellfire Club are questionable, it's uncertain where lines between friendships and people she uses exist.


Anyone who opposes the HFC are considered enemies to her, people to be dealt with as well as the more hostile groups towards mutants who she is only to happy to punish.


Laurie can have whoever she desires love her much like her father did to her mother, whilst it seems unlikely that she might find true love... it is not impossible.
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