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 Artaiúoch da Baornültich, Artaius

Artaiúoch Da Baornültich

appears mid fifties years old
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Jan 12 2018, 04:27 PM
Artaiúoch da Baornültich
also known as Artaius
the celtic deity of bears and
former student of cernunnos
appears mid sixties to human standards
former gamekeeper of the great woods of avalon<
currently resides on earth and owns a small public zoo
jeremy irons
Welcome. Have a seat please and we can begin. We'll start off simple. If you could please give us your name, along with any nickname, alias or codename you might use. We also require your age and where you are from.

Artaius slowly walked in the office of this seemingly important member or Shield. He greeted him and all that, but eventually asked him to sit down. It seemed like a matter of buisness rather than and interrogation, a thing Artaius seemingly preferred. The important SHIELD employee asked him his names, age and where he would come from. Artaius frowned, and thought in himself whether the guy know who he talked to, or he just wanted an reminder. Artaius really wasn't trying to be a showoff, but sometimes it just got to be like it... "Erm.. I hoped you already knew that.. Basically, some people tend to think I'm quite special, and thats probably why I'm here.." He said, his face slowly becoming a bit redish.. "I'm from another dimension, some neo-paganists may call it a realm of divinity.. I'm from the Otherworld, so I'm Artaiúoch da Baornültich. Old legends may call me by various aliases such as Artio during my cross-dressing teen phase, Artaios or Artorius during my midlife crisis.. But I mainly tend to use one specific name for most purposes. This one is Artaius." He said, showing off a small smile that would show some of his somewhat yellowish yet-not-to-much kind of teeth. "My true age doesn't really matter, I've been lost to it, really.. I only know that I may be thousands of years old, as the original source from the celtic Artio and Artaius deities. My body however, takes of the appereance of an elderly man, somewhat along the age-range of mid sixties.

Now, how would you describe yourself?

He would look to himself to a random mirror in the office. He didn't really understand why it would've been there.. Why would a high-ranking SHIELD officer have a damned mirror in his office? He had no clue, so he thought... He vaguely dwell away in a daydream of his past, to try and think of his life and especially; what he thinks of himself after all these years.. "Me? Oh, uhh.. People say I'm wise, but also cowardish.. Mainly because I dont wanna start fights, or be apart of it in any way... I'm not a typical hero, nor a villian.. I just try to have a normal life here on Earth. You see? It's kinda special for me to be here at all. Most Otherworld deities can't seem to take long periods on Earth, and need to form a symbiotic bond with a mortal to exist on earth, but this is fatally draining to this hostbody... I'm one of the "Ceann a roghnaíodh", the 25% lucky Otherworlders to be granted an free passage to Earth without it being fatal, nor needing to have a bonded mortal. The chosen on-.. Oh sorry, I'm completely dwelling of your question. He said again, when he saw the interviewer growing tired... Artaius took a deep breath. "So.. As you saw I'm a bit of a man thinking he's floating on a cloud; someone who'se daydreaming alot, but talks too unnecesarry stuff aswell.. I'm creative, know and does lots of things associated with music and poetry. Many people say I got lots of luck, but to me it seems just the opposite. Maybe that would be because I sometimes tend to focus on the bad things in life rather than all the good things. I love to travel alot.." He took a breath again, almost daydreaming away again.. "I'm being diagnosed with earthly disorders, such as ataxia, autism, ADHD.. I dont know what to think of it honestly.. I'm just myself, completely unique."

His forest green eyes looked around, going with his hand through his old and grayed hair. His face, which was full wrinkles, moved then back to the interviewer again. He scratched his beard (the most trimmed part of his really hairy body), and began to speak. "I'm awful with names, some may say I'm antisocial. But that's all about it I guess, atleast what I can come up with.. Next question please?" Said Artaius, his 7 feet long and broad body would become even more clear to the interviewer. It almost seemed he was impressed by it.

Tell us something positive and negative about you.

"Didn't I just do that exactly?" He said, with a frown... "I'm a true humanitarian, but also a complete animal activist. I know a lot about nature, and buisness. But I'm also not charismatic at all, and have a problem with eating way too much.. Even though I can magically eat and disgest far more than a human could bare, I still eat to much.. I'm glad that it doesn't affect my physical body though.. I'm really sensitive to bad habits, I bite and sharpen my nails to a point that they would become as pointy as claws, I bite my lips aswell, sometimes even eating up the tiny bits of skin I put off from it.. Sorry, that was too much detail.." He chuckled a bit, looking awkward.

Could you tell us about any family, friends or significant people in your life?

My parents already died, during a infamous battle between the Otherworld and Asgard. I dont feel they are guilty though, their deaths were just impossible to avoid if they fight in an horrible battle like that. In fact, the Otherworlders and Asgardians are in peace now, and I like the company of their godly brethren. This guy, Thor right? One of the Avengers.. He's a total badass, someone I clearly wouldn't be able to even try to be like.. But my parents weren't much of importance in the Otherworld.. It was just me, one of the Ceann a roghnaíodh (lit. the chosen ones), who was important. I was being raised in the fortress of Roghnaíodh where the Druids of Roghnaíodh teach and raise the Otherworlders with the abillity to freely be at Earth without any consequences. Those who finish their education and care to eventually become a true adult with the graduation ritual are officially meant to serve for the Otherworlders as their Left Ears on Earth, giving the latest news but also spreading the belief of celtic neopaganism to gain more godly power every day... I however, decided to escape this "fate" in order to life for myself on Earth... When they caught me, it was too late for me do redo my education, and they didn't want to put me to a trail to the Court... Instead, they seemingly accepted my decision for a weird reason, allowing me to life on earth while sometimes come back on the Otherworld to keep in contact and hold close ties. As years have passed, I've been a great helping hand for them while technically not being in their control anymore. I think it would never gonna be different, as the Tuatha de Danann tend to like me.. I dont really get that though, I'm just an ordinary person to me.." The interviewer almost seemed to sleep, but after Artaius eventually stopped talking, he realised he didn't sleep at all and was carefully making notes..

What talents, powers or abilities do you possess? Do you have any weaknesses?

Artaius would smile a little awkwardly , as he doesn't really want to call them powers.. He isn't to full of himself, or rather tries not to be.. I can do various things.. As one of the Tuatha de Danann, I have a neat longevity that surpassed ordinary mortals.. I'm not immortal, I just live thousands of years and could regenarate anything if given the proper amount of time, which usually takes a some or weeks.. Unless its a direct fatal streak to the hart or any other direct fatal organ or body part.. I cannot bleed out, so something need to be crushed or completely destroyed in order to murder me.. But why am I even talking about this?" He said, shrugging with his broad muscely shoulders.. "Like all Celtic Gods is have the capabillity to do magic.. Except for me, it's been always limited to only everday ordinary use.. I cant harm anyone with it, both physically as mentally, and even not by accident.. It's like a primordial force is not letting me.." He said, and as he snapped his fingers a cup of Starbucks coffe randomly appeared in his other hand. "In addition to this, I cannot lie like any Otherworlder, and neither can I hurt animals.. And animals, thats were my specialty is in.. My realm of talents.. I can talk and communicate with any animal, aswell as hitchhiking their senses to see, feel, hear, and smell what they would experience. During this time I'm completely vulnurable, and the tiniest of cut in my original human body could grow out to form into a fatal wound in hours. I can't order animals a task, I could simply ask them nicely like any individual.. In addition to that is my biggest realm of specialty.. My bear powers.." He'd say, looking through the window by then.. "My most known abilities are bear associated. For example, I could project the image/hologram of a bear into people's heads while they see me, so I would seem to look like a bear except I dont.. I can also transform into a bestial version of myself, with bear canine teeth, grow up to 8 feet, hairy all over my body with brown hair, but with humanish pointed ears.. In this formation, I have every anatomic-based abilities a ordinary bear has, such as speed, swimming fast, impressive climbing abilities, extra powerful smell and a strength that surpasses many levels.." He said excitingly, already looking back to the interviewer.. "My biggest weakness however is oil made from bear-paw poppies. Being in a close radius with it already makes me unable to use my powers, direct contact with it let me automatically fall asleep and ingestion can even lead to a coma for months.. Also, I can't use my abilities unless I gather up magical energies from closeby natural areas (forests, farmlands, mountains etc) and use these natural energies stored inside me for good use, by making me able to use my powers. A week camping in the forest would grant me a month or two usage of my abilities."

Slowly, Artaius few getting sleepier by seconds.. He hoped it was almost over.. His green eyes began to disappear underneath his eyelids, and he turned into a resting position.

Thank you for your time. We'll have this interview processed in no time. Meanwhile, please exit to the door on your left.

"Thank you very much.. It was great to meet you guys, and I hope you guys got everything you need in order to progress me into the Enhanced-People database you've mentioned!" Artaius picked his own stuff, and walked to the door.. He quickly glanced back to the desk.. "Oh, I almost forgot my Starbucks Hot Chocolate with extra Caramel.." He said quickly, and with anothet finger snap the cup would levitate up in the air, floating towards Artaius hand to get placed in his own hands, with only the use of his mind.. [b] "Goodbye!"


00 years old
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Jan 30 2018, 05:35 PM
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