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 Devareaux, Luxora

Luxora Devareaux

18 years old
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Feb 10 2018, 08:21 PM
Luxora Sadie Devareaux
New York City
Sophie Turner
Welcome. Have a seat please and we can begin. We'll start off simple. If you could please give us your name, along with any nickname, alias or codename you might use. We also require your age and where you are from.

Luxora Sadie Devareaux glared across the metallic table at the smarmy looking detective that asked the question. Hours had passed before they decided to grace her with their presence, no doubt in some bid to make her more pliant to their questions. “Fuck you,” she strained her wrists against the cuffs fettered her. This asshole didn’t need to know that her nickname was Lux, because Luxora was a cumbersome name. They definitely didn’t know that her closest friends and family called her Dushka, or the fact that they were eighteen. Finally, they didn’t need to know that she was from the future.

That’s right. Fourteen years from that moment she would be sent back in time. If only she knew that her memories of the future were false.

Now, how would you describe yourself?

“Long walks on the beach and cold pizza; no seriously though, go fuck yourself.” Lux tried to cross her hands but, yet again, was stopped by those damned cuffs. She didn’t even know why they treated her like she was dangerous; she’d known better than to resist the officers that brought her in.

Yet even as the girl’s rage flared she felt her mother’s voice in the back of her head. Calm. Breathe. Her mother had told her that she had her father’s brusque, terse, prickly demeanour, and most importantly his heart of gold. Not that she’d ever met the man at a time where she could carry a conversation. He died when she was about three. She was raised by other men, and her mother, from that moment on. So many fathers who loved and cared for her. What she learned of herself was that she had her mother's optimism and the ability to pick out the best in people, and love them for it.

Of course, one thing that she’d gathered was that she inherited her father’s love of combat and training. What was the point of protecting people if she could barely fight?

Tell us something positive and negative about you.

“Fine. I’ll play along,” she groaned, “my mom always told me that monsters are only scary because they’re afraid of people. They’re the ones that need love the most. I guess I agree with that. It’s gotten me into a lot of trouble, in the past. Gotten me hurt. Also inherited my love of the sciences from mom and dad; I get advanced chemical equations far more than I get people.” She flopped back in the chair, arms still outstretched and attached to the table, “I’m pretty hot headed and stubborn, especially if I know I’m right. You caught me on a good day, I guess, ‘cuz I’m generally pretty damned terse to people I don’t know. And prickly as hell.”

Could you tell us about any family, friends or significant people in your life?

A void of silence filled the room after the detective’s question slithered out from between his lips. Lux’s expression dropped from a pliant one to a neutral expression; all of her family was dead. Mom. Dad. Adoptive fathers. Friends. Everyone she cared about, gone. That was why she was there, to stop it from happening. To save who she could, even if those people don’t even know her yet. She’d been closest with her mother and Piotr, however. Both perished to the nanite threat. Lux recalled her mother’s final words, the last time she reached up to stroke her cheek. That was two years ago. Twelve years in the future.

“No. None.”

What talents, powers or abilities do you possess? Do you have any weaknesses?

“Talents and abilities. No powers, unfortunately,” she offered a lopsided frown to the detective. “I’m really good with a sword and unarmed combat. I’m fast, I guess? That’s about it. I have photographic memory, and I’m pretty smart.” Of course she downplayed her abilities. Lux was one of the best she knew at hand to hand and close range combat, and certainly wasn’t lacking with a gun. You couldn’t live where she was from without being good with those three. They also didn't have to know that she was damned good at getting into places she wasn't allowed, and better at computers.

    Bio-mechanical Nanites

  • Technokinesis: Lux’s entire being is infused with techno-organic nanites that are completely controlled by her thoughts. They self replicate as needed to fulfill their intended purpose, however should they leave her sphere of influence they have only a limited time before self destructing. While semi-autonomous, they do not have their own mind and cannot act without direction. While touching a computer, or within two meters, she has the ability to infiltrate and take control of the system with little more than a thought.

    This power is limited only to what the computer has access to, however. While she has the ability to break down firewalls, if the computer isn’t connected to the internet or the network she’s trying to infiltrate, the task is impossible. She only has the ability to control a computer that remains within her two meter radius, however, and she must find a way to deliver the nanites to it.

  • Nanite Constructs: On command, the nanites in her blood can flood from her pores and craft durable armor, shield, melee weapons, or simple constructs. Anything with moving parts or that has chemical components is well beyond her. For instance, she can form an extremely sharp and durable sword, but not a gun. Additionally, these nanites must remain within two meters of her person in order for their receivers to pick up her commands, otherwise they’ll lose cohesion and self-destruct.

  • Regenerative Healing Factor Lux has a very powerful regenerative healing factor that allows her to quickly recover from wounds that would be otherwise lethal. She can also recover lost limbs and repair catastrophic internal damage, however any amount of serious damage requires her to, at the very least, rest. While she can move and heal, doing fatigues her fast enough for fighting or any sort of strenuous activity to be out of the question. Additionally, she can confer this same healing to other people that she physically touches, but doing so requires great amounts of focus and time with the person. In theory, she could use her nanites to harm someone, but it’s impractical in a fight as it would take too long and require too much focus.

  • Photographic Memory: Though Lux considers her tremendous memory one of her mutantations, it’s greatly enhanced by the nanites that flood her system. They record what she sees, hears, tastes, and feels at all times so that she may recall the memory at her desire. While she can remember anything she’s experienced, the nanites themselves can store up to a month of data, and that data can be uploaded and projected to any device she controls. Unless specifically saved to a partition of her nanite’s memories, it will be recorded over after thirty days.

  • Peak human condition: Her second and final mutation is also enhanced by her nanites. Lux’s strength, dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and flexibility are all olympic tier. Her senses, particularly sight and sound, are kicked up to the max with the techno-organic nanites’ sensor suite, allowing her to detect a far greater range of frequencies with her ears, and see at a far greater range of wave-lengths. Also, she has the ability to ‘zoom’ in and out up to eight times magnification. Finally the nanites allow her to be practically immune to disease, poison, and radioactivity unless she allows herself to be effected.
  • Electricity wreaks havoc on her systems, far more than it would harm the standard human. A powerful enough dose of electricity at a large enough dose can and will destroy a large swath of her nanites. If enough are disabled, they’ll be inoperable until they have the numbers to be effective, again.

  • Telepathy is another of her key weaknesses. While Lux has the ability to shrug off great amounts of damage and is extremely versatile in the modern world, telepathy will quickly shut her down. Any mental invader could, in theory, order the nanites to do anything they pleased with little resistance from her.

Thank you for your time. We'll have this interview processed in no time. Meanwhile, please exit to the door on your left.

”Oh I’m not being charged with anything? Bye.” Lux waited for her cuffs to be undone before rising and hurrying out of the room. She had a few really difficult talks to go through. Of course, she'd have to come back and erase the footage of her being there. Too many awkward situations


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Feb 10 2018, 11:36 PM
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