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 Quill, Peter, 38 | Star-Lord | Chris Pratt

Peter Quill

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May 8 2018, 03:53 PM
Peter Quill
Guardian of the Galaxy
St. Charles, Missouri
Chris Pratt
Welcome. Have a seat please and we can begin. We'll start off simple. If you could please give us your name, along with any nickname, alias or codename you might use. We also require your age and where you are from.

"Peter Jason Quill. Alias Star-Lord. Alias Guardian of the Galaxy. Alias Cool McAwesomeName. Got that? Awesome." He leans back in the metal chair, his booted feet propped up on the table as he's being interviewed, seemingly without a care in the world. "I'm from Earth. Terra. Whatever you want to call it. Here. I'm as human as you are. Well, half, anyway. And I'm thirty-eight years young. Thank you for saying I look fabulous." He grins.

Now, how would you describe yourself?

"Does 'awesome' count? I mean, I'm definitely pretty awesome." Peter says, still leaning back in his chair with his full nonchalance. "Heroic. Brave. Also...what's a word for having a really, really big dick? 'Honorable'. That's it. Seriously, I'm so honorable I have problems finding pants that fit. Just don't tell Drax I said that." He says, then adds somewhat sheepishly. "Please."

Tell us something positive and negative about you.

"Positive? I don't know. How about how I saved the galaxy? Twice? Your Avengers guys did it for a planet? Ooooh!" He waves his hands in a melodramatic, mocking fashion. "Yeah, real scary. Try doing that with a crazy ass Kree fanatic or a living planet who wants to consume the universe. Then we'll talk."< He brushed off his shoulders. "Seriously, though. You want a negative? Uh...I haven't saved the galaxy a third time. Yet. Gimme time, I'll get there." (Peter's more than a little cocky, but possesses a good heart. When the chips are down, he does the right thing, even when it hurts him. He's also occasionally very stubborn and argumentative, and rather used to being the one who leads rather than following.)

Could you tell us about any family, friends or significant people in your life?

"My mother was of Earth. Daddy was a planet. Yes, that planet I just mentioned that wanted to consume the universe. Kind of messed up, isn't it?" Peter says, leaning back and looking up at the ceiling. "Then, well...there's the rest of my crew. There's me, Rocket, Drax, Groot, Mantis, and...well, Gamora." He can't keep a small smile off his lips at the thought. "We're a good team. We're close to killing one another half the time, but we watch each other's backs and can kick ass with the best of 'em, I know that for damn sure."

What talents, powers or abilities do you possess? Do you have any weaknesses?

"Well, I'm the best pilot in the galaxy bar none." Peter says. "I'm good at shooting, good at fighting and good at what which shall not be named." (the agent says something) "...what the hell is a Voldemort? Is that some kind of sandwich?" He asks, then shakes his head. "Anyway. I used to be able to do a lot of this really cool stuff with the Celestial powers I got from Dad. Like, I made a 30-foot Pac-Man and that was freakin' awesome, but I can't do it anymore after I blew him up. Sucks, but he was going to eat the universe, so I think that kind of evens it out." "Also, I've got my ship the Milano. She's a customer Ravager craft that I've been running since I was ten years old. And don't listen to Rocket, nobody flies her like I do." He says, more than a little smugness in the tone. "Also, I got my quad blasters which are kick friggin' ass. Oh, and I can fly myself. I mean, with my helmet and all. More Ravager tech. I can fly in space, got a rebreather and everything. Mostly like to stay in the ship, though. It's cold out there." (Also, Quill's thrusters aren't strong enough to break a planet's atmosphere)

Thank you for your time. We'll have this interview processed in no time. Meanwhile, please exit to the door on your left.

"No problem! Now, please point me in the direction of the nearest bar? I've got a tab to open and a green skinned woman to booty call."


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May 15 2018, 08:13 PM
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