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 Everyone rise for the Pledge, Sam / Nat needed by spangly fam

James Barnes

Winter Soldier
100 years old
228 posts
May 3 2018, 06:59 AM
Team Stars and Stripes

As you can see here on Choices we are in desperate need of a Natasha Romanoff and a Sam Willson. What would Steve and Bucky do without them? Crash and burn, probably, so they need their best friends / keepers / annoyances / possible old flames / scary mom. See below for more details, and drop me a line for info about recent plots they've been involved in!

Natasha Romanoff

Nat is the scariest, best human you've ever met and you should remember it because if you don't she'll remind you. Bucky was one of her trainers in the Red Room (and maybe a fling when she got older if you go the comics route) and they both know what particular kind of hell the Soviets were capable of at that time. You can go MCU where she's ~30 or comics where she's ~80, either way I'm down. Basically Nat is one of Bucky's best friends because unlike Steve who remembers him how he was, she has only ever known the Bucky that slipped through the cracks of the Winter Soldier. He needs that so he doesn't always feel like he's disappointing Steve by not being that guy. Nat is just the thing that grounds them all and is also the most amazing badass on the planet so of coure you want to be her.

Sam Willson

Sam, from day one, was never afraid of Bucky, never took any of his shit, and in Civil War was obviously a good influence on him, even if they mock-fight all the time. I honestly feel like Bucky needs that, someone that's not going to let him get too into his own head and call him on his bullshit, not to mention when they were running in the airport Sam and Bucky were running side-by-side and later Steve and Bucky did the same thing, so we know Bucky was intentionally running slow and I feel like that's kind fo how they work. Sam does what they do but slower, Bucky makes sure he doesn't get dead doing it. As much as they might bicker and argue they're friends, and Bucky needs friends.Honestly, as long as he doesn't wreck another car I feel like Sam won't judge him too much.

Steve Rogers

Captain America
97 years old
211 posts
May 3 2018, 08:10 AM

Faith Devareaux

29 years old
217 posts
May 3 2018, 08:18 AM

Wanda Maximoff

Scarlet Witch
27 years old
598 posts
May 3 2018, 12:00 PM
Just throwing this out there. Once I get settled again and up to date and no one has made her, I may go ahead and pick up Nat. <3
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