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Mutants are a sub-species of the human race. These are people who have an activated X-gene, which gives them their mutations. These mutations can range from purely physical to giving the person amazing abilities. For some time the mutant race has lived in the shadows and hasn't made themselves apparent to the general population. While Apocalypse is a mutant himself, he holds no love for the mutants. Instead, he believes in survival of the fittest. That does not necessarily mean mutantkind.

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A self-proclaimed hothead, Summers' is pessimistic and cynical, considered distant and aloof, with no regard for his personal safety. But despite many bad decisions in the past, when called upon, he steps up to the hero role, despite his commonly hair-trigger temper. In the past his emotional health and anger issues have gotten him into all kinds of trouble, but these days he mostly tries to lay low. Mutation aside, he has a master's degree in geophysical sciences, and extensive military experience and training; while he could be a notable pilot, he has some fear and trauma issues with flying. His mutation allows him to absorb energy and discharge it at well as plasma blasts, though he's not always able to control his abilities or use them with precision, especially when in physical or emotional crisis.
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Having been a 'part time' student at Xavier's since she was a teenager, Amaryllis has a special fondness for the school. She is a frequent fixture in the gardens in the warmer months, and she does what she can to make things look beautiful. She is friendly and an optimist, so the plant manipulator does what she can to help her friends (and students) be just as cheerful as she is. The young woman has returned to the school recently, not as a student – but as a teacher of science. She also gladly tends to the gardens, as she is a plant manipulator who happens to have a very green thumb.
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After discovering that she had the ability to manipulate light, Alison Blaire focused on becoming a musician despite her father's disdain for the industry. Using her light powers to create bright displays and illusions that went along with her performances, Alison quickly rose up the charts and has become one of the mega stars in the entertainment industry. She masks her powers by telling everyone that she uses technology to create the unique lights, and has no intention of revealing her powers until she finds out that there is a place safe for people like her, or the world is ready to accept the gifted like everyone else.
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Elizabeth Braddock was a member of the Xavier's Institute and is a mutant with vast telepathic and telekinetic abilities. When she was involved in the Battle of New York with The Avengers she was close to death and her former image of blonde hair and blue eyes would then shift to the body of a famous Japanese ninja. She has now returned in her new form and has some unfinished business she needs to settle.
Betsy Braddock
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The only son in the Frost household, Christian was never meant to be the powerful heir his father had wanted him to be. Black Sheep is the better suited term for the man who spent more time ex-communicated from his family then with. But, 'rescued' from fate in a mental ward, he has his sister, Emma and as far as he is concerned the only Family he really cares about to call on for help when he needs it - begrudgingly - more than he'd like to admit. He's not sure where he fits in the community, he's only been back in it properly for some time and the world seemed entirely different to him; but what he might lack in the power of prominent status, he makes up for in charm, no? Christian likes to have a good time, he'd prefer to laugh and make jokes and pretend everything is fine then deal with anything that makes him uncomfortable.
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Alice Eve

Cordelia is youngest of the Frost family and the only heir to the family fortune. Apart from being rather distant with her disowned siblings, she has been known to be very rebellious but went throughout her days enjoying the finer things in life. Over the years she has learned how to fend for herself with the use of martial arts and learning to utilize weapons in battle. She has not been able to value the idea of having a true friend as those who she befriends turn on her once they find out she is different, thus pushing her to show the human race that not all mutants are bad; however, her views on people have been steadily changing as time passes.

She has the ability to move and control a multitude of people and objects with her mind. She has tried to use her powers for the greater good, but when she does she gets scrutinized by the humans. All of her efforts to try and live a normal life seems like a dead-end to her. Cordelia feels her patience with the humans running thin, especially with the registration act taking in effect. She vowed to never participate in such a thing and feels as if the human race is targeting people who are different because they no longer are the superior beings that walk on this earth anymore; only time would tell just how far she is pushed until she snaps in order to take matters into her own hands.
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Doug isn't a well-known mutant and in fact, his power is pretty low in comparison to other members of the mutant community. While initially going to register, Doug was taken in by Emma Frost who is his 'mentor' in the community and who is keeping his powers on the down-low, as long as he is allied with her. The only other people who know he's a mutant would be the X-Men with access to Cerebro.

Doug is currently going to NYU and pursuing his passion in Game Design and Communications.

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Magneto is an internationally known name - Erik Lehnsherr less so. Behind the monster is the man, forged into a weapon by hate and pain. He's unafraid of who he is and what he's done, and is equally prepared to let go of his life of destruction or to return to it. While his affection for his children is strong, nearly unparalleled, it is matched by his hatred for those who would attack the mutants. At the moment he's circling around the mansion, lured there to protect its inhabitants by the events in Cairo.
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White Queen


Emma Frost was born to a very wealthy Bostonian family. Once her mutation was activated and she gained her telepathy and diamond form, everything changed in her life. Now she is a powerful business woman and is looking to expand her territory of influence. That means both manipulating the weak of mind and using the newly passed SRA as a means of control. If nothing else, Emma is determined and hell-bent to be a force to be reckoned with.
29 ▲ Taken

Honey Badger


Gabby was born to the Sisters project of Alchemax, which stole genetic material from the X-23 program and created their own clones. However, the clones were imperfect and none of the Sisters had the mutations like X-23 and Wolverine. Gabby was the only one to inherit those abilities. Additionally, she has nanomachines in her bloodstream that prevent her from feeling any kind of pain. This has led to her having a much shorter life expectancy than normal.
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Illyana Rasputina is the younger sister of Piotr Rasputin, also known as Colossus. She was a student at Xavier's school before the demon sorcerer known as Belasco kidnapped her and spirited her way to the pocket hell dimension known as Limbo. Serving as his servant and apprentice for many years, Illyana ended up rebelling against him and banished her captor from Limbo. She became the Queen of Limbo and is proficient in the use of magic, hence her codename. She has come back to Earth in search of a leak of power from Limbo.
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Jean Grey perhaps one of the most promising students at the Xavier Institute who is now at the front line of pursuing Charles's advocacy of human and mutant co-existence. Jean Grey displays an array of abilities with massive power but is watered down with her lack of control of confidence. Now as a United Nations Ambassador, Jean is one of the most prominent mutants in history.
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After his parents died in a tragic accident Jean-Paul and his twin sister were taken in by relatives they barely knew. Due to their economic circumstances his caretakers soon decided that it was for the best to send Jeanne-Marie to a strict catholic girls school, disregarding the trauma this would cause the already fragile duo. As the years passed he tried to hold onto the memory of his loving sister as it slipped away in the face of indifference from his foster family that quickly turned darker as his homosexuality began to surface. Their disapproval caused the extroverted and initially genuinely friendly Jean-Paul to become colder and more cynical. This cynicism was only cemented when he found their affection returning only as his success with skiing began to garner him some local fame. He soon found himself thrust into the world of worldwide sports as his skill began to curry Olympic hopes from both his nakedly greedy relations and agents. Their new superficial affection only increased their negative view of his burgeoning sexuality, feeling it would endanger his career. Finally during his "big break" the stress and inner turmoil caused his powers to surface very briefly causing him to lose control of himself. Enraged over his loss, his foster father lashed out at him and finding that being the "perfect son" to such imperfect people hadn't gotten him anywhere so he gave in to his wants and fled their home. Being approached by a strange man, he at first thought it was a sexual proposal but instead the man led him to the convent where his sister was about to end her life and their proximity caused his unstable powers to level off and his faded memories of her to burn all the brighter. Taking care of each other the two turned their backs on the miserable people who had so mistreated them and sought out others, like themselves, who were better than the average person.
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Orphaned at a young age Jeanne-Marie and her twin brother Jean-Paul were put into the custody of relatives. These poorer relations, already struggling themselves, found themselves unable to care for both twins sufficiently and found a religious boarding school for young women for Jeanne-Marie to attend. Unwittingly causing yet another trauma by splitting the siblings up when they only really had each other. Her time there was marked by abuse: being taught that everything she felt, everything she wanted and anything she enjoyed was sinful and wrong. Leading her to several suicide attempts, the last of which involved her throwing herself from the convent roof days before she was to be forced to take the holy orders as a nun. Luckily for her, her long lost and half forgotten brother had managed to find his way to the school and somehow his sheer proximity awakened her mutant powers which saved her from her fall. However her trauma already broke her fragile psyche and created the 'alter' of Aurora an uninhibited aggressive personification of her id. Each having their negative experiences with humanity, the two bonded quickly and very strongly preferring each other's company over the mulling "mortals" around them together they left Canada in search of "their kind".
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A long time student to Xavier's School, having lived there roughly ten years, Jubilee is capable of producing brightly colored bursts of plasma energy which she can fire from her hands as balls, streams, or any other shape. She can also absorb the plasma energy back into her body without harm.
19 ▲ Open



Created from a sample taken from Weapon X. She worked as an assassin and spy for several years being hired by the likes of hydra and the mob. Recently escaped her handlers' clutches and is currently trying to figure out what to do from here.
25 ▲ Open



Laurie Garrison has grown up knowing a life where she could have whatever she wanted, a young woman who has no issues using her power of emotional manipulation to get what she wants. Since being discovered by Emma Frost she had worked hard to repay the White Queen's faith in her by carrying out any task that is asked of her.

In public Laurie holds the position as Miss Frost's personal assistant but in truth her loyalty has earned her favour and the title of White Bishop, something remarkable for a woman of her age.

Whilst she possesses ambition to gain more power for herself she is ultimately loyal to her White Queen and thankful for all that she has been given and what is surely still to come.

20 ▲ Open



A product of the Weapon X program, the man knew only as Logan has been a soldier, an assassin and more recently a hero. One of the best there are at what he does, Logan's skeleton is bonded with the mythic metal Adamantium and has a set of three claws set into his hands that can tear through nearly any substance save Vibranium. With his mutant healing factor Logan has lived for nearly two centuries, that combined with his years of combat experience makes him one of the most dangerous people alive.
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Following the examples of the X-Men who helped her develop her powers, Lorna discovered that she had a love for teaching the inexperienced students within Xavier’s Institute for Higher Learning. Her gregarious social skills made her a teacher that was/is able to connect with her students as an ally and confidant. She is always open to hearing people’s stories and beliefs, and will offer direct advice, even if she suspects that advice isn’t what someone wants to hear. What might be seen as a weaknesses, (her bipolar black and white personality) is actually a fantastic means of cogency. Its is quite rare to misunderstand Lorna. If she thinks you’re an asshole, she will tell you you’re an asshole.

This clarified perspective, means that Lorna is not afraid to put herself out there to defend her friends, students, mutants, and the environment. She may have been raised by adoptive parents, but that didn’t make her feel any less connected to them. Biological loyalty and one-size-fits-all models don’t define who she considers as a part of her chosen family. The revelation of her biological father changed nothing. Lorna would rather have two full time parents versus an absentee criminal any day of the week. Polaris has embraced Professor X’s philosophy that humans and mutants can coexist and strives to make a difference in the world, for all life. Lorna has been known to volunteer for all sorts of events, like feeding the homeless or protesting antagonistic warmongering against private citizens. Dane does not understand why there are people in the world who can’t accept peace and civil rights for everyone; She feels that if things like racism, sexism and gender equality can be overcome, why can’t the populace also embrace mutation?

Age ▲ Open

Black Queen


An ancient mutant, boasting millennia to her life, Selene is perhaps most known as the Black Queen. She's spent the last year keeping her head down after an attempt on her life but has now returned to reclaim her crown. Feeding on the life force of humans, she sees herself as a goddess and will do all in her power to make that title a reality.
Ancient ▲ Open


Rebecca Romijn

Raven Darkholme who is a shapeshifter and has used her many, many years of experience to remain undetected. She has a history of using her abilities to her own advantage. Her expertise lays in her skills of subterfuge and spying. This is the reason why she has not attracted the attention of such groups such as SHIELD and HYDRA.
Unknown ▲ Open



Born in Ireland, Banshee is a young rich mutant with a sonic scream. His parents died, leaving him with a huge fortune and the castle he had grown up in.
26 ▲ Open



When a shady organization came to Wade with a deal in mind, he had no idea just how far it would mess up his life. He was happy, or as happy as he could be. The cancer that ravaged his body drove him to that heinous decision, and the experimental treatment he underwent drove his body to the extreme. Just to keep it all balanced. What followed next was a story of betrayal, violence and bloodshed. A new man was born. One that doesn´t know when to shut up, or slow down. Those that know him often stay away from him, but Wade is like a tick you just can´t shake.

Vanessa was and still is the love of his life, and due to recent events he showed up again, and revealed what had happened to her. Recently he hasn´t been too sure of what to do, but he knows one thing. He´s here to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and he is all out of gum.

Find him some cherry flavoured gum, please!

Or else!

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As the only son of a billionaire tycoon, Warren seems to have it all. A brilliant businessman in his own right, he lives two lives. By day, he is the public 'human' face of his company. In secret, he spreads his wings as a vigilante. In his heart, he harbors a deep-seated anger toward humanity just waiting to be put to use.
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<center>PEDRO SOLTZ</center>
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Vanessa Carlysle

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Jun 13 2018, 07:18 AM
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<center>TAMSIN EGERTON</center>
A New Jersey born mutant metamorph and the lover of Wade Wilson, after an unpleasant upbringing Vanessa found herself working on the streets and eventually encountered Wade and the two instantly connected.

<p>After believing she had lost Wade she has made the promise that she would never let that happen again and revealed her mutant secret to him.  Her life has changed very little with her working at a strip club day to day, she is a constant at Wade's side and is very much in love.

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<div class=plote>VANESSA CARLYSLE</div>
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