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 The Shape of Things to Come, -Vanessa's Plotter-

Vanessa Carlysle

29 years old
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Jun 13 2018, 08:20 AM

Vanessa Carlysle

A mutant and genetic metamorph from New Jersey, Vanessa is capable off taking on the shape of any one she has come into contact with in some form or another. With physical contact she is able to mimic the person down to genetic level making her incredibly difficult to physically tell apart from the real thing.

After a horendous upbringing she eventually found stability and love in her life when she met Wade Wilson, working as a dancer at one of the local strip clubs she makes every effort to be there for Wade and watch over him.

With the secret of her being a mutant revealed, one could question if she has any others...


Vanessa is friendly, upbeat and usually rather fiesty but actually becoming a true friend to her can be hard given her trust issues and treatment in the past. She's not against making new friends but rather likes to know she can trust them before committing to such a thing.


Being a mutant she will already have enemies, it's part of the reason she keeps that fact hidden from almost everyone but Wade but if anyone wants to hurt her lover they are sure to end up on her own personal list of enemies... she won't stand for it.


Wade is the only man for her, in sickness or in health she was prepared to give all her love and attention to him and stand with him every step of the way through his cancer. Even when he left she still thought of him every day and part of her knew that he was still alive even if she'd convinced herself he had gone for good.

Vanessa has eyes for only one man.

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