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Wanda Maximoff

Scarlet Witch
27 years old
598 posts
Oct 8 2017, 07:30 AM
So a little while ago I ended up dropping over half of my characters to try and cope with my loss of motivation for role-playing. I have been able to get it back and now I am feeling much more comfortable. I am possibly looking at expanding my cast by one more. Please keep in mind I might not do it given my past track record with getting overwhelmed. However, I am feeling much more comfortable and confident with my small cast of characters I have now.

So to the main point! I have no idea what kind of character I want to play so I'm asking for what characters you guys would most like to see for your own personal plots. If I pick up a wanted character with premade plots, I might be more easily interested in keeping the character going. I know I want something knew that I've never played before and maybe have the character be male. I'd prefer the character has powers and isn't an Avenger given I already play two of them.

So come at me with suggestions! I'd really like to see what wanted characters get thrown my way!

Laurie Garrison

20 years old
7 posts
Oct 8 2017, 09:35 AM
I'm glad to hear your motivation is back, I'd be happy to suggest a few ideas which might even help me push forward more XD

The first is namely Joshua Foley for Laurie Garrison, canonical love interest but given the version of Laurie I'm using it'd make sense to use the same less friendly version of Elixir who was a Shield agent much like Laurie and her father however in this setting she's a covert member of the HFC under the Black Queen (so Elixir following a similar path makes sense?). Very much a mirror of the sweet relationship they had in the main comics with it being darker.

I do have another idea but I need to get Aikku finished first which I'll do tonight or tomorrow when I'm officially back back.
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