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 Hearts Without Chains, Jace's Characters

Wanda Maximoff

Scarlet Witch
27 years old
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Nov 30 2015, 09:51 PM
jace's characters
So these are my characters. If you have any ideas, just post them below! If you want to know anything that might not be covered in the plotter, just ask and I'll let you know what's going on. I'm pretty open for almost all kinds of ideas and I'm willing to work with people. Just let me know what you wanna do!
ty sophia

Being exceptionally close to her older twin brother, after their parents died, Wanda became bitter and angry towards Tony Stark and the Avengers. Following HYDRA's experiments, she was given unique abilities of being able to look into the minds of other people and bringing alive their worst nightmares as well as having telekinesis though the true boundaries of her powers have yet to be defined.

While she has since joined the team after the Ultron incident with her brother, she's still in a very awkward place. She's got a very intense sense of guilt for being one of the main reasons Ultron even existed in the first place. Wanda's hatred towards Tony has changed into more confusion than anything else, especially because now she has actually taken the time to talk to him about what had happened to her parents. While she's not likely to ever truly forgive him, she will acknowledge that he was not directly responsible for killing her parents.

Friends: At the moment, Wanda doesn't have very many friends. Her only friend is her twin brother, Pietro. The closest things that she has to friends aside from her brother is the Avengers. At this point though, they are more allies than friends. This is subject to change since Wanda's more gentle personality is going to start asserting itself since she's decided to let her life of revenge go.

Enemies: Now that she is an Avenger, her number of has increased. If you're the type to completely disregard what your actions might do to other people, she's likely to hate you. At this point though, her biggest enemies are members of HYDRA.

Lovers: Honestly the only man she really pays attention to is her brother and no, not in the ulitmates way. Wanda's heart has been stolen away by Kevin Anderson, so there's not really any chance in her finding love elsewhere. Past boyfriends might be possible but not overly likely.

Jessica Jones had been rebuilding her personal life and career as a private detective in Hell's Kitchen, New York City when the big name heroes were launched into space. Plagued by self-loathing, and a wicked case of PTSD, Jessica battles demons from within and without, using her extraordinary abilities as an unlikely champion for those in need... especially if they're willing to cut her a check.

She's since gone from being only on the look out for herself and is now trying to protect other people from the villain, Kilgrave. She's constantly haunted by what he made her do and since she is truly the only person that understands how dangerous he is, she is willing to completely alienate herself from everyone that loves and cares about her. Turns out, however, Kilgrave might not let her get away with that.

Friends: Jessica doesn't do people. She doesn't have friends and she's an expert at pushing people away. The closest person to her in her life is Trish Walker, who is her sister and best friend. At the end of the day, Trish is one of the very few people that Jess truly cares about. So getting under her rough and tumble exterior to get to her heart? It's hard, but not impossible.

Enemies: Does most of the world count? She hates arrogant sons of bitches, people who take our their problems on other people, and just horrible people. Given her line of work, she runs into people she dislikes quite often. However, the biggest enemy she has is Kilgrave. More people can always be added to this list though.

Lovers: So Jess is normally the type of girl that is only into one night stands or purely physical relationships. Recently she has started to see Tony Stark in a romantic capacity and she's actually in a fairly seriously relationship with him. She's also had a son with Tony. Past flings are more than acceptable, however.

Emma Frost is the third oldest child to the Frost family, however she was cut out of the will after a long series of unfortunate events. That didn't get her down, however. This was a young woman that was determined to be more than her family ever thought she would be. She dedicated herself to honing her skills as a telepath and using those skills and her natural charm to get her in her place in her life. Intelligent and driven, over the last eleven years she has managed to make an empire out of almost nothing and is the owner of a multi-billion dollar company. Given her new status as a billionaire, she plans on stretching her proverbial wings to gain more power than she ever had before.

She is currently the White Queen of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. That puts her in a position of power over the rich and famous of the New York City branch. She's looking to extend her power base to have more influence than ever. The important thing to note is that Emma isn't a strict villain. She's looking out for her own interests instead and that means if it is in her interest to do something less than savory, then she will do it.

Friends: Right. Friends are things that people need. Emma doesn't really have any close friends. The closest she has is Christian, her older brother. They have always been very close and she adores him. More of what Emma has are people that she can manipulate or associates herself with because they are somehow useful to her. She doesn't give her attention to anyone that she might deem as insignificant.

Enemies: Emma has plenty of enemies. Whether that be people who are aware of what she's like and wish to stop her or the people that she has stepped on in order to climb her way up the social and economical ladder. Her very cold and distant personality doesn't win her many friends, after all.

Lovers: Now here is where we clear up some confusion. Despite Emma's reputation and perhaps even the way she dresses, she is not a whore. She won't just sleep with anyone. Most of the time when she sleeps with a man, it's because he has something she wants. To Emma, sex is a weapon to be used. There are very few men that she will sleep with for the pleasure of it, and even then she still has uses for them. Jericho Caine is a good example of the latter, though there might be some sort of fondness there for the thief that has turned into something more permanent of a relationship. Past flings are fine.

Illyana Rasputina is the younger sister of the mutant and X-Man Piotr. He had her brought to the States where he thought she would be safe from being used by the Soviets like their older brother was. However, Illyana was kidnapped by Belasco and taken the realm of Limbo. While there she was there, she learned how to fight and wield magic from them. After some point she created the Soulsword and slew Belasco with it.

She became good friends with Kitty Pryde before she was taken. She joined Xavier's school with her brother and took the codename of Magik. She is the ruler of Limbo and has a demonic other half known as the Darkchylde.

Illyana's mutant ability is to create teleportation discs that allow her to teleport across time and space. Aside from these, she is highly gifted in magic, combat, and has a connection to the realm of Limbo, where she is the ruler. She is also completely immune to powerful telepaths, and they are not able to read her mind.

Friends: Oh man. Illyana could use friends but she doesn't even know it yet. She's anti-social and doesn't really relate well to other people anymore after her time in Limbo. She tends to seem very cold to strangers and even people that she once cared for. Friends will probably be hard to come by, but there is still a human part of her. She does still have feelings and care about people.

Enemies: Um... most people. She isn't your typical hero and she doesn't care as much about the Skrull Invasion as maybe she should, but that doesn't mean that she is heartless. If someone needs her help, then often enough she will intervene, albeit reluctantly.

Lovers: Illyana isn't really the most romantic person. She's half demon and so she is more comfortable having casual sex with people. I don't want to tie her down to just one person so I am fine with her having multiple people that she is sleeping with at any one time. One person, she has one of these kinds of connections with is Ben Reilly. Let me know if you want to do anything with her!

Jazinda Kl'rt-spawn is the daughter of the Super Skrull. Unlike her father, she is not a renowned war hero in the Skrull Empire and instead has been in self-exile on Earth for the last five years since she failed her mission to steal something back from the Kree. However, she is not with the Skrulls that have since invaded the world and seeks to help the heroes of Earth to push them back. This might not be so easy for her, however. Her mentality is still that of a Skrull and she inadvertently spurs people to distrust her.

Due to her swallowing an ancient Skrull artifact, she has gained several abilities. She is able to absorb kinetic energy and use it to augment her own strength. So the more she gets hit, the stronger she gets. The most remarkable ability she has now is her inability to die, however. She can be killed but within a few hours or days, her body will heal and she will be brought back to life. The only way to kill her permanently is to remove the stone she swallowed.

Friends: Well, Jazinda doesn't have very many friends. While she has been pretending to be a normal humans, she hasn't made many friends and now that there are aliens invading, she has been mostly sticking to herself. She's not a horrible person, but she does tend to put her foot in her mouth fairly often.

Enemies: Jazinda is a Skrull of the Skrull Empire. So while she is not with the cult that has invaded Earth, most humans don't care. They see her as one of the bad guys and likely want to see her dead. She has a lot of potential enemies simply because of who and what she is.

Lovers: I'm pretty much completely open with love, romance, and one night stands for Jazinda. She's a shapeshifter so she likely feels comfortable being with women and men.

Soon after his mother passed away from cancer, Peter Quill was kidnapped by a group of Ravagers and he has spent most of his life in space. Most recently he has become the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. They have risen to fame after thwarting Ronan and Thanos by defending Xandar.

Since then Peter has been leading the Guardians on a mission to find and secure all of the Infinity Stones before Thanos has a chance to do so. Because so many have appeared on Earth, the Guardians came to investigate. Now they are focused on helping rid the planet of the Skrulls.

Friends: Peter is a pretty friendly guy. A lot of people find him annoying but there are others that would get along with his easy going personality. He's the kind of guy that loves to have fun and always is looking for a good time. If he can befriend people like Gamora and Drax, he can make friends with just about anyone.

Enemies: Peter isn't always the easiest person to like. He may have a fun personality but he's also a bit of a piece of shit. He's always out for himself and tends to screw over other people in the process of getting what he wants. He's not a horrible person but he's definitely not the best person either.

Lovers: Do I really need to explain this one for him? Peter is a womanizer and he enjoys it. So because of that, he is currently spending his time with whatever ladies might want to share their bed with him. I'm open to him having a more serious relationship but it would have to be built up to. So for now, bring on all of the one night stands!

A product of the Weapon X program, the man knew only as Logan has been a soldier, an assassin and more recently a hero. One of the best there are at what he does, Logan's skeleton is bonded with the mythic metal Adamantium and has a set of three claws set into his hands that can tear through nearly any substance save Vibranium. With his mutant healing factor Logan has lived for nearly two centuries, that combined with his years of combat experience makes him one of the most dangerous people alive.

Logan has been hiding in the Canadian wilderness for the last year or so. He left the States shortly after the SRA was passed and has been hiding ever since. Because of the Skrulls Invasion, he was brought back into the fold by Captain America and Kitty Pryde. He refuses to join the Unity Division due to Magneto's leadership role.

Friends: Logan isn't the most personable person. And yet he still manages to find people that like him. It's rather odd, given he's an anti-social hermit. He cares about people, but he tries not to let it show. He's scared to let people in because he's too used to losing people due to his horrible luck with everyone he loves being killed or taken away from him.

Enemies: Pretty much everyone. He's not a people person and hates villains that hurt innocent people. Oh, and Magneto.

Lovers: Logan is pretty open to the romance. He's only into the ladies, but he's willing to sleep with just about any lady. Let me know if you're interested!

Colleen Wing is an ex-member of the Hand. She has recently become very entangled with the Iron Fist and the war against the organization that basically raised her once she returned to the States. She has pulled away from everything she has once known and is now trying to get by on teaching karate at the Chikara Dojo. But really, how long will it be before she gets pulled back into the drama of the world? Especially with shapeshifting aliens all over the place...

Recently she has been having to deal with her complicated feelings for Danny Rand and the fact that the world is changing around her. She's always willing to take on more students at the dojo and she's fiercely protective of her students.

Friends: Despite the fact that Colleen can come across as a bit aloof and maybe even a bit cold, she can also be a very loyal friend. It can take a bit of time and effort to get through to her but once she has made a friend, she'll do anything for them. While she has lost a lot of trust in people thanks to Bakuto's betrayal, she is still open to making friends. It might just take a bit more time.

Enemies: Are you a member of the Hand? Colleen will want to hunt you down. That's pretty much it in terms of real enemies. She's always open to hating other people though!

Lovers: So everyone that has watched the show knows about the relationship between Danny and Colleen, right? Well, there are still some things that are unresolved between them and that makes it complicated. I won't say that she is for sure going to end up for Danny. So if the right guy comes along and manages to mend her wounded heart if/before Danny can, then she's open for romance.

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Steven G. Rogers

years old
0 posts
Nov 14 2016, 05:22 AM

Ok now that the new plot is up, we can plot Wanda and Cap in more detail. Cap is back, he's probably leading the Avengers again, he will want to check on Wanda and see how she is, how she coped with the whole thing, what she thinks of the team coming together again. In many ways, he sees her as a little bit of his responsibility, and he wants to see her strive and be happy.

The rest we've already plotted. It's just easier for them to sit down and talk now?

Erik M. Lehnsherr

years old
0 posts
Nov 24 2016, 07:12 AM

Erik & Wanda
Dad. Dad is here.

I just posed on Fyre's plotter about how Erik will find out about the twins, and let's be frank here, I hate 'discovery' threads because it's always so long to figure it out, so I was thinking that instead of us writing Erik FINDING out about the twins, we could just assume he did find out and would seek the twins to actually get to know them, and THEN he could be astonished how similar Wanda looks to her mother... that would be a lot better, imo, and it would jump us right to the NICE part of it - the twins dealing with the fact that Magneto is their dad.

I would rather prefer it that way, but we can discuss it together!

Erik & Emma
Well. Well well.

Erik has taken the challenge to unite all the mutants to fight against the aliens. A meeting with Emma is MANDATORY. She's a powerful telepath, and without Charles, Erik knows fully well that a powerful telepath is actually important to have on their side.

I think their meeting would be VERY interesting to RP and finally a character that will interact with Emma properly xD (Steve doesn't count!).

R. Bruce Banner

years old
0 posts
Dec 30 2016, 01:21 PM

Septimus & Peter
Hello yes. So Sept and Quill. They're both aliens (or at least part aliens) but more than that they're both strangers to this Earth in this time. Quill might have lived here a few decades ago but things have changed. So they could be friends based on that? Also, you know how much of a jerk Sept can be. Maybe he fiddles with Quill's tape player from afar or something? I dunno, things and stuff.

Bruce & Wanda
They need to stop hating each other. Not necessarily be friends but at least be able to be on the same team? Bruce would likely try to extend some sort of olive branch if only because he knows what letting that hatred fester will do. So... yeah. Things. Also if you want to throw anyone else at me just lemme know.

Kurt Wagner

years old
0 posts
Jan 19 2017, 04:11 PM
She doesn’t have many friends and Kurt is always eager to make new friends. Kurt is also an Avenger, so maybe they can get to know one another better. I was also thinking it would be interesting to see if Wanda could dig around in his memories and find anything about Mystique in there. Not sure if that would work or not, but either way I can see Kurt being like a little brother to her. He’s young and new to the crime fighting scene like she is.

Kurt and Logan have a very unique bond in the comics. I think it would be amazing to get these two together. They’re almost exact opposites. Kurt was able to get through Logan’s hard exterior to his gooey candy center. Maybe he can make a connection with Laura?

Laura Kinney

years old
0 posts
Jan 23 2017, 01:07 PM
Wanda & Laura
Both of them had ties with Hydra. Actually, both of them worked for Hydra for a period of time. So we have two approaches that we can implement in reality. We can go flashback, where the duo had to work together to serve Hydra. You know, Wanda seems pretty good at ranged attacks, and Laura is the professional Melee. They could have made a good team, or not. Perhaps, this is up to the RP. The second approach depends on the first approach, the meet again after Wanda joins the Avengers. Wanda is a good girl right now, and my version of Laura is not really that much. What happens, then? I guess, a thread will show us.

Jessica & Laura
These two can make a good team actually. I can see them having the "I don't give a damn" as a motto, while chewing a bubble gum and being a badass. So here is the plot, Laura needs a home; she needs to figure what she needs to do next. But a home needs a rent; she had to work. So perhaps, she can join up with Jessica in her investigations. You see, Laura has certain qualifications which make her a pretty good tracker.

A win-win situation? And maybe Jessica will help Laura to find Logan, if we have a Logan on site.

Emma & Laura
All hail the white queen! For some reason, Emma didn't like Laura in the comics, she was always convinced that Laura was a trouble maker. But we are speaking about the good Emma frost. I think, the Emma frost, here, will consider Laura as an asset of sorts, and perhaps she will try to control to do her bidding for whatever mischief she had in mind.

Wanda Maximoff

Scarlet Witch
27 years old
607 posts
Feb 10 2017, 07:02 PM
Okay. This thing has been finally updated to include all of my current characters. Come at me with all the plots! http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Wanda Maximoff

Scarlet Witch
27 years old
607 posts
Feb 10 2017, 07:42 PM
We've already done the one thread with them, but I like the idea of these two maybe being thrown into a bad situation and they have to work together in order to get out alive. Or rather getting out without Bruce going Hulk Smash on everything. We can work out details on how to make this work?

You know it's bad when Peter actually feels more comfortable around aliens then he does other humans. He doesn't really know how to act around them anymore. He's so used to being around aliens that he wouldn't even be amazed or in awe of what Septimus can do. Rather he'd just be annoyed and pissy. lol

Ugh I suck for not getting to this sooner. So I'll touch on this now. Wanda has been an Avenger for awhile and since Kurt will be a newcomer, she could be someone that is kinda mentoring him, you know? She's the senior member now and she's probably one of the nicest and gentlest people on the team. We could play it that maybe they're sparring or something like that and her powers accidentally lash out at him and that's how he gets the flashes about Raven?

Wanda has tried to forget about her time as a HYDRA experiment. But it could be interesting if they did know each other from those days. Maybe Laura was the one that helped train the twins or she was there to act as a guard in case either of them tried to escape. And given that I have been running Wanda as having very little control over her telepathy back then, it's possible that she picked up on Laura's history. That would leave a mark on Wanda and it could make it very interesting if they run into each other again. Alternatively we could always do a past thread of when they first met.

Emma is nothing but always keep her eyes open for an opportunity. I could see her trying to manipulate Laura into working for her. Or she would actually be honest with her and hire her to work for her. Honestly, Emma could go either way. lol

Tagging the people that I didn't reply to properly: R. Bruce Banner Kurt Wagner Laura Kinney

Septimus G. Cassian

years old
0 posts
Feb 11 2017, 10:44 AM

Bruce & Wanda
Definitely we need to revisit these two now that they've both had some time to get used to living in the same space. Bruce is likely more comfortable being part of the team again, but he still likely holds a grudge against her. Throwing them in some weird situation could help him not hate her as much?I doubt without a lot of time and effort he'd ever be friends with her, but he'd could definitely at least learn to be civil and treat her as a teammate.

Septimus & Peter
Septimus would be so ready for the sass. The two of them thrown together would just be amazing. Sept would also definitely hit on Peter, at least until Peter made it clear he wasn't interested, and then Sept would be all for being each other's wingmen. I think shenanigans would ensue and it'd just be a fun thread as they try to one-up each other and out sass each other.

Laura Kinney

years old
0 posts
Feb 13 2017, 05:41 AM
Laura & Wanda
Both ideas are great, to be honest. But I like the guard thing better, I am not sure why. Maybe, because it means there might have been bad blood between them. Maybe, Wanda tried to escape once and found Laura picking up her trail, returning her to the cell. And since Laura is going to join the Avengers, then Wanda would be like "Don't trust this girl!". And Laura tries to atone and gain Wanda's trust again, which might be a hard thing to accomplish.

Wanda A. Maximoff

Scott Summers

years old
0 posts
Feb 21 2017, 12:07 AM

While I don't currently know what/if there is anything going on between Scott and Jean, I definitely can't resist the opportunity to have some interaction between Emma and Scott. She is, after all, just so good at getting into his head...and I feel like losing Professor Xavier is likely to have put Scott in a bit of a vulnerable place. I'm just trying to decide how their paths might have crossed in the past or, rather, will cross now? Would Emma have had any interest in or interaction with the Institute in the past? Will she have any involvement with the Unity Division? I feel like these are probably the best bets for having interaction between them but I am open to anything!

Emma Frost


years old
0 posts
Feb 21 2017, 12:46 AM
So since you only put up something in terms of Emma, I figured I would put up some with my other characters as well so we can branch out into even more plots! So Wanda is exactly who you think she is. She's the Scarlet Witch and has powers very similar to Jean but also operate differently. She got her powers from experiments, like in the movies. So she's not a mutant. However, her father is Erik here so there could be a connection there depending on Scott's feelings on Erik. So that could definitely be interesting.

So Jessica Jones is kind of a piece of shit. She's a horrible person and really doesn't give a fuck what people think. Since Scott will be involved with the Avengers and around them, it's possible that he'll run into Jessica since she's dating Tony Stark. I don't have a full on idea of what we could do with them but it could still be fun given that Jessica is just... man. She's such a piece of shit. She'd be all gruff and annoyed at Scott for no other reason than because he's there and she's pregnant and super grumpy. Shenanigans!

Scott will most definitely remember Yana. I'm going with the history that she was a student at the school along with Piotr for many years before she suddenly disappeared when she was fourteen years old. Not even Jean or Xavier was ever able to figure out what happened to her. Fast forward four or so years and Yana has come back. However, now she's older than she should be, much more jaded and cold, more prone to violence, and has a massive sword. Oh and lots of magic. It could be interesting to see Scott's reaction because he's old enough to have been one of her teachers before she disappeared. Now she's joined the team as an unofficial liaison to the Avengers proper since she spends more time at Avengers Tower. She more or less refuses to go back to the mansion. Maybe he tries to talk her into going back?

There was actually a point in time when Emma was younger that she was approached by Xavier to join the school. This was when she was just a stripper in the Hellfire Club. However, she refused and has since kept her distance from the school. However, that doesn't mean that she hasn't been keeping an eye on them and on what they are doing. Maybe we can play it that Scott comes to see her because he thinks she would be a decent member of the Unity Division since she is a telepath. However, she is going to decline and tell him she doesn't give a damn about the team. She's in it for herself. I will warn you now that I really don't care for the ship between these two and Emma is already in a relationship with someone else, so there won't likely come any kind of relationship out of it. http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/happy.gif

Peter is the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. It could be hilarious for these two to meet because they are such total opposites. Peter is the kinda guy that finds it hard to become serious about things where Scott is described by many people to be a stick in the mud. It'd be fun to throw these two into a thread and see what happens. I'm pretty sure hilarity would ensue since Peter is the kinda guy that just rolls with practically any situation.

So for these two, I couldn't think of any solid ideas. Jazinda is a Skrill and a shapeshifter and will be working closely with the Avengers (and by extension the Unity Division) to try and repel the Skrull invaders. It could be pretty interesting to see how Scott reacts to her on their first meeting? I don't know for sure. The other one is that I have Gwen Stacy. She's a new hero but I don't really have much of a reason for them to meet. Let me know what you think if you have any ideas for them.

Scott Summers

Scott Summers

years old
0 posts
Feb 21 2017, 11:09 AM

Scott definitely isn't a fan of Erik but I don't think he'd be the type to hold a grudge against Wanda just because Erik is her father. He might be a little cautious around her at first (if he knew in advance that is who she is related to anyway) but, overall, he'd be willing to give her a fair shot. What is the feelings between Wanda and her father anyway? Are they on good terms? If so I could see Wanda as a way to maybe help ease some of the tension between Erik and Scott....or if they aren't on good terms, they can hate on Erik together?


I think it'd be fun to have these two cross paths at some point just because Scott really wouldn't know how to handle Jessica. He wouldn't know how to deal with her 'I don't give a shit' attitude and would probably approach her in a similar fashion to which he would approach an angry bear. I think it'd be kind of funny to see that play out.


Scott would definitely be shocked to see that Illyana has popped back up again, much different than what anyone would expect her to be. He'd definitely want to reach out to her and try to help her in any way that he could. I agree that he would try to talk her into coming back to the mansion. Not that he'd want her to stop doing what she is doing with the Avengers but he'd want her to get more involved with the Institute again for sure.


That's perfectly acceptable because while some aspects of the Emma-Scott relationship amuse me, at the end of the day I feel there's only one person Scott truly ever loves and that's Jean. Nonetheless, I do enjoy interactions between these two and I'd definitely be down to have Scott approach Emma in an attempt to get her to join the Unity Division. Even though she'll decline the offer, depending on how the interaction unfolds, I think it's possible they could strike up an unlikely friendship of sorts where Scott occasionally tries to talk her into getting involved in the Institute and things like that? I did always like how well they worked together running the Institute and whatnot in the comics so even if Emma has no desire to ever be affiliated with the Institute, it might still be fun if they were to have that friendship.


Watching these two interact with each other would definitely be hilarious. I think Peter would drive Scott crazy just because of how non-serious he tends to be and Scott would sort of just be like 'what is everything a joke to you?' At the same time though, I think he would respect that for 'some strange reason' Peter still manages to be a decent leader and get things done...even if it is in a totally different way than Scott would have done it. Maybe Scott could come to truly like this 'crazy, dancing man' if they're forced to interact enough. I just had this random image flash through my mind of Peter self-declaring himself as Scott's 'wingman' and making it his personal mission to 'help Scott get the stick out of his ass' which could lead to all sorts of amusement, really.


I'm sure at some point Scott and Jazinda will need to meet then, so I'll try to brainstorm on that one for awhile. I don't see much reason for interaction between Scott and Gwen at the moment, but if that changes in the future (say she gets more involved with the Avengers because of Peter or something) then it'd be fun to have them interact at some point.


Frank Castle

years old
0 posts
Mar 2 2017, 04:15 AM
Jessica & Frank
New York seems to be a smaller and smaller place with the supers around. Frank frequents Hell's Kitchen and the surrounding area. Does Jessica still do the investigation thing? Maybe they run into each other doing their respective jobs? They realize they have ties with the Daredevil or something? What do you think here?

Jessica Jones

Logan Howlett

years old
0 posts
Mar 10 2017, 05:33 AM
Bumped this! Got a new template and added Logan to my plotter!
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