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 Relief Efforts, Lily/Fyre

Marc Spector

Moon Knight
31 years old
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Oct 17 2017, 10:47 AM
Moon Knight

He needed to go back. It seemed like he had only recently returned to New York City, but Cairo was calling to him. He had to go back and aid in whatever relief efforts he was capable of. Marc wasn't going to go alone this time, he was going to bring Lily with him. She wouldn't have a problem leaving the country, it was Marc who had the difficulty leaving and entering the United States. This meant they would have to travel by less traditional means.Thankfully, Marc had his connections, that was the benefit of working as a mercenary for most of your days. There were always people to get in touch with for whatever he may had needed, in this case, transportation. Landing in Cairo was out of the question, it was too much of a wreck, but there were ways around it.

It was early in the morning, or late in the evening depending on how you looked at it, when the two of them departed the city. Marc had arranged for them to travel on a cargo plane that was going their way, no questions asked, mostly because he paid a handsome sum for the both of them. It was the two of them and a small trunk with his costume and some pieces from his armory. They weren't going to just help move rubble and recover bodies, they were going to take care of the criminal element that were taking advantage of the situation. The police could only do so much with everything that was going on, though, he thought they might be slightly more receptive to the two of them doing their work than the NYPD had been. This had reminded him of his mercenary days.

Marc made sure to dress as if he was going to be part of a relief effort and implored Lily to do the same.He didn't want the two of them to arouse any suspicion as things had been tense in this region of the world as of late. They'd get in, do their part during the day, but when the sun set, that's when they would really go to work. Marc, with the help of the plane's pilot, carried the trunk onto the plane, then showed them to where they could sit and relax during the upcoming twelve hour flight. As he sat, he adjusted his black and white Shemagh, waiting for the crew to finish their final preparations before departing. Marc had only slept for a couple hours before he woke back up, they would be landing soon enough. He walked the plane in the meantime, keeping quiet as he awaited their arrival.

He returned to his seat once they started their descent, they were landing about an hour north of Cairo. After the plane landed, the cargo bay door opened, light from the midday sun pouring in, followed by the heat that came along with it. He pulled part of the Shemagh up to cover his mouth and nose before he stood up. "Time to go." he said to his companion as he stood up. A member of the crew assisted Marc with his trunk this time, carrying it to the open topped jeep that was waiting for the two of them, a favor from a friend. The trunk was placed in the back and Marc took to the driver's seat. Once Lily and her belongings got in, he pulled away from the makeshift airfield in the middle of the desert. He knew where he was going, he had spent a considerable amount of time in this country.

"We're about an hour away from the city. A former colleague of mine is letting us stay at his place while he's in Mongolia." Marc said, raising his voice a bit due to the engine and the wind. He gazed around as they rode through the desert, the sun bearing down on the two of them as they drew closer to the city. He navigated the wrecked parts of the city carefully until he had reached the part of the city where they were to stay. Pulling the jeep over, he got out and went to the back to get his trunk. He had no difficulty lifting it, but he didn't turn down the help from the plane crew earlier. Before he entered the home they would be staying in, he took a moment to take in his surroundings. He had never seen destruction on this grand a scale before. Whatever had caused this, he hoped it was the last time, but had a feeling it wouldn't.

He carried his trunk as he lead Lily inside the empty home which showed some signs of wear and signs of the attack, but it was livable, that was the important part. Marc tried a light switch in the kitchen but got no sort of response. "Still no power." he said as he looked down at the light switch. Thankfully the place had a couple of windows to let the light in at various places. "It'll have to be candles at night then." he remarked as he dropped the trunk in the connected living room. "We'll get more food and water tomorrow, but for now, we can use what's here and not expired." added Marc as he looked to Lily. He made his way over to one of the windows, looking out of it and to the city. "City's in worse shape than I thought it was, we will have our hands full here."

Lillian Montagne

Lillian Montagne

21 years old
112 posts
Nov 24 2017, 01:30 PM
In the dark, the girl so bright,
Got up to see the day by night...

There was a first for everything. In this case, it was a first for Lily to be leaving the country through less than legal means. She'd held a passport for a few years and was used to travel despite her age. Going across the Atlantic via a cargo plane was most certainly a new experience. Yet the girl wasn't even remotely complaining. The thought never even crossed her mind, as she was at least being brought along for this trip. Besides, after hearing about the destruction in Cairo there was little to be said when her mentor said that was where they were going. There were more than enough people to keep New York safe. She agreed with the idea that their efforts were better served somewhere else for the time being.

She should have tried to get some sleep during the flight but as it was Lily had too much on her mind. Something about going to Egypt had created a surge of interest from the voices in her head and trying to ignore them was like trying to drown out a thunderstorm all of the sudden. Thankfully her efforts to keep from talking to herself were improving. The last thing she wanted was to draw attention as a possible schizophrenic. They were trying to blend in with people going to help with disaster relief after all. Standing out was not going to help with that.

Twelve hours seemed to go by in the blink of an eye and the next thing Lily knew the plane was landing. Time to go indeed. Without a word she got up, one hand going to pick up the suitcase filled with second hand clothing one would never expect a former model to be caught dead in. One more reminder of how her world had changed. The only truely odd thing in her luggage, at least for someone under the guise of relief effort volunteer, was a black and silver mask that had been far too easy to buy with half of New York buzzing about a masquarade charity event. Marc had suggested she get one after all.

It's been too long... the voices in her head trilled as she loaded her suitcase into the jeep and got in. "I'm glad you know where we are," she replied, trying to keep up her act of ignoring what was in her head. Between the heat and sun and just plain lack of knowing the area there wasn't a shred of doubt in Lily's mind she would have gotten herself lost if left alone. Then again, she probably wouldn't have been in Cairo if she were alone.

After seeing just how bad things in the city were it was mildly surprising that the place lined up for them to stay was even still standing. There was so much destruction. As she followed inside, suitcase in hand, the fact there was no electricity was almost expected. "The news reports didn't even make it look this bad," Lily muttered, finding a space to set her luggage down as all the hours of travel started to hit her. "It's like something was just trying to wipe the city off the map..."

Isn't it wonderful?!

Tag: Marc Spector

ty ek

Marc Spector

Moon Knight
31 years old
78 posts
Nov 28 2017, 11:02 PM
Moon Knight

Marc had a lot of history in this country, it's where he worked the most as a mercenary, it's where he met two of his oldest friends, and...it's where he had died. Hours north of here, Marc Spector died, and that's when he became the man he was today.It was something he had been thinking about since they left the United States. Only months ago he was here in Cairo and it was as busy as ever. So much had changed in the short time between then and now, the city was destroyed, practically lifeless. Things were as worse as they had ever been and hopefully he and Lily would be able to contribute to the relief efforts in their particular style. This city needed them now more than it ever would. Marc felt that he owed them this much at least.

Lily was right, the devastation was worse than the media had lead him to believe. He was surprised that they had even managed to get their jeep through to their temporary residence. Whatever hit this city, it wasn't natural and he wasn't sure what they could even do about it, but he would try anything that they could. He didn't know how long they would be here, they'd leave when the job was done. New York City had plenty of people looking out for it, but who was looking out for Cairo? Well now it would be Moon Knight and Shade acting as its protectors for the time being. This was a lot for them to undertake, but he had confidence that the two of them could help out here, it was going to take a lot of work.

Marc was watching the streets below when Lily spoke up. "We're the only thing this city has in terms of protection since the police and military will be focused on other matters." he started as he turned to look at his companion. This was a big step for the both of them, there was no turning back now. "It'll be easier to get around here than it is in New York, we can cover a lot more ground." continued Marc. Lily was ready for this, he wouldn't had brought her along if he thought otherwise. Her improvements were noticeable and would continue to grow with each passing day. "Whatever or whoever it was, they'll pay for what they've done, you and I will make damn sure of it." he went on.

Marc approached Lily, taking a look at her. It had been a long trip getting here for the both of them, but Marc was used to this lifestyle, the frequent overseas travel, being in a number of different timezones at any given moment. He put a hand on her shoulder, giving it a light squeeze. "You look tired, why don't you rest up for a bit, take the bedroom at the end of the hall, its yours, I'll get us settled in." suggested Marc. He probably could had used some sleep himself, but he didn't feel like he could sleep. Lily however, she was his responsibility, or he felt that she was. He knew she was more than capable of taking care of herself, but if something had happened to her while they were here, he would feel personally responsible.

"We'll start tonight"

Lillian Montagne
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