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 Braddock, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Braddock

27 years old
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Jan 3 2018, 08:11 AM
Essex, England
Heart Evangelista
Welcome. Have a seat please and we can begin. We'll start off simple. If you could please give us your name, along with any nickname, alias or codename you might use. We also require your age and where you are from.

Who was this blonde woman? She thought to herself as she sat down. It was almost a reminder of her previous body. Tall, slender, big full breasts- Betsy smirked. It was all in the past, she was much happier with her body now. She felt lighter and more agile, and it seemed to have had an added sexual value for some strange reason. ”Betsy. Well, Elizabeth. If you’re my friend, Betsy, but you’er not so lets stick to Elizabeth.” there was a strong British accent that cut through the air as she spoke. She also had quite a commanding presence as she tucked her straight black hair behind her ear. She eyed her starkly.

”I’m 27 years old. Originally from Essex in England, moved to the United States, spent a good amount of time in Japan. I’m a woman of the world.” she didn’t see why she had to make things up- but definitely the devil is in the details.”I was born in November, and I’m a Scorpio.” she had a devious curve on her lips. ”You know what they say about Scorpios and our certain….desires.” she chuckled before swiftly returning to a face quite serious. ”Most people cal lame Psylocke. Maybe you can call me that if you like.”

What bothered her was why she couldn’t read the mind of the woman. Must be some technology she hasn’t heard of. If anything she wanted to get her hands on it- right now.

Now, how would you describe yourself?

”What do you think?” she rolled her eyes before exhaling a chuckle. Betsy had a distinct personality. She was quite assertive, matched with a hint of sarcasm and very wet humour. Maybe it was due to her being brought up in a life of privilege that she didn’t exactly pay attention to her mannerisms- whatever she did, people paid attention just because of who she was, and despite the challenges in her life, even the struggles, she still had managed to keep her confidence at an all time high. ”I used to model,…” both bodies, that is. When she was a blonde, and that she was Asian.

Betsy was always regarded as beautiful. She had a slender figure with the curves in the right places. Breasts were proportion to her height and to her weight, and somehow she always had time to put a little glow in her face. At the moment she sported black hair that was almost exotic because of how straight it was- and it accentuated her facial features depending on its style. She had high cheekbones, almost perfect teeth, and a naughty smile.

”So I would like to think I appeal to a variety of tastes, and that somehow I’ve been part of setting the standard of beauty for the world. Even if most women didn’t agree with it. The unattractive ones of course…” she looked at her nails before blowing her hair away from her face. She shrugged. She also could be rude at times.

”I also have very little shame. I mean, I can go out and dance in the middle of a crowded room as if nobody was watching. I also don’t mind dressing down, and when I say down, it means down to my underwear.” she also had a sense of humour, she thought- breaking into laughter at her own joke. ”I am fiercely loyal friend as well. And equally formidable as an enemy. I make decisions at a whim, I don’t have trouble thinking twice, and I’m very decisive. So. If this is for a job, well….guess you have yourself a new boss eh?” and again another laugh. Signatures that were uniquely Betsy.

Tell us something positive and negative about you.

”Why is this question always asked? It’s such a cliche.” Betsy shook her head. Clearly her impatience showed. She was also quite judgmental and found mechanisms different from hers as something less. If she didn’t find it pleasing, then it was no good. She was too confident in herself and her ways- that everybody else would seem to pale in comparison. ”Seriously…” she rolled her eyes again; she could also be very condescending when she wanted to be. Betsy also didn’t hold anything back, she said what she wanted, and did what she wanted at that.

”But fine, I can compromise and answer for your pleasure.” although she could also get creative and find ways in which she could agree to something- she just does not fully submit. Her strong opinions are always clearly heard and she wouldn’t agree for the sake of agreeing. It showed Betsy’s passion for life, and her own belief systems. She would fight for whatever it was she believed in, and she also showed very little fear of consequences. She was empowered- too empowered, and at some points made her a great role model for other women around her. She definitely rocked her on boat.

”You know, I think I’m very funny, I love a lot of people. I care for the world, I care for my advocacies. And I’m quite easy to talk to.” she winked, she knew she wasn’t telling the truth, but if they wanted answers, she was going to give it to them- that was meeting in the middle for her. ”And negative? Why would you put me on the spot like that? I think I’m a perfectionist. Because I want to be super perfect….and I don’t want anything to go wrong, I mean…it sucks.” there was a sarcasm in her tone. She hated that answer the most- but most people give it, and it wasn’t something she agreed with, hence giving it her own.

Could you tell us about any family, friends or significant people in your life?

”My family is everything. “ that was a nonnegotiable on her end. And she couldn’t help but be honest. ”I’m thankful everyday that my parents come from a good family ,and that my twin brother and I never exactly had to suffer with the simple luxuries in life. Actually, our lives were quite luxurious.” she had a light smile on her face. As if remembering all the moments growing up with Brian and her parents. They weren’t the stereotypical rich family who didn’t get along- on the contrary, they were very supportive of each other.

”I would say I have a few friends. I met them when I was much younger. I was part of this team, the Unity Division is who they are and I made some really good friends.” and then she remembered how she felt when she had died. They were on a mission during those days, and though they didn’t leave her n purpose- she couldn’t help but blame them. Waking up in this new body, she wanted revenge. She left them during those days, living the rest of her days as an assassin, a ninja, a lethal weapon. She paused, she didn’t know how to say it- but she still resented them. She couldn’t believe they had left her.

”I can be anybody’s friend really. So, bring it on. I’m highly sociable. All those parties growing up? Come on.” though that was partially true- she divided her friends. There were those she simply mingled with who she would never consider a friend and would quickly kill if she had to save the world; and there were those that she really valued. They were just a few, she could count them with her hands- but they had her loyalty till the end. She was proud that. She could manage relationships and if she valued you, she really did.

What talents, powers or abilities do you possess? Do you have any weaknesses?

”I have many talents. When you turn the lights off and feel those sheets against your body I mean…” again another reference to something sexual. She was highly skilled it. ”Oh you meant like powers….oh okay. Well for starters I can read minds, control them, and basically make everybody a puppet. My puppet. Or basically make you think whatever it is I want you to think.” She possesses mental powers to affect and manipulate the minds of others. Psylocke could read minds and communicate mentally with others over long distances. When she telepathically communicated with another person over a certain distance that people often perceive her presence as a butterfly-like image bearing large eyes on its wings. Included in such are tracking, psychic shadow, illusions, mind control, psionic blasts, mental paralysis, astral projection and others. However, if she ever went up against someone who was more powerful than her than she would be very unsuccessful because her mental abilities could be nothing to a more powerful telepath. But she wouldn’t give up without a fight and most likely be physically draining if that ended up happening and pass out from the process. She also only able to use her telepathy to those within the range of her sight and not more than an 30 minutes of continuous use. She can also control a maximum of just five minds at a time for a shorter amount of time.

”I can also move things with my mind. Oh, and, a special feature I have is I can create weapons with my hands. I’m cool like that. So I take my energy and bam, I have this katana, or this whip, whatever. But my favourite is the katana since I am well-versed in sword fighting and martial arts.” Betsy can also move and levitate other people. While she can move objects from a distance and fly as other telekinetics do, she has shown little inclination to do either in combat situations. She can also create telekinetic shields of various sizes and strength and she can fire mental force blasts that can “shatter mountains.” Her telekinesis is also much stronger now than it was before her death. Psylocke seems to find that using her telekinesis in forceful ways is easier than in delicate ways (i.e. she can shatter a brick wall more easily than she can slowly levitate a pencil across a room) However, over time she displayed further control over fine matter. (For example, turning invisible by vibrating her own molecules, keeping an atomic bomb contained, and creating a telekinetic bubble inside of a brain, & exploding said bubble). However, despite the degree of control she has learned, her telekinesis is still limited by the strength of her opponents. The more physically powerful they are, the more focus Betsy will need. It does not make her immune to weapons that can physically harm her as well.

Thank you for your time. We'll have this interview processed in no time. Meanwhile, please exit to the door on your left.

”So am I your boss now?” the woman winked.


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Jan 5 2018, 07:26 PM
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