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 The Hellions, Emma Frost's Protoges

Douglas Ramsey

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Jul 10 2018, 01:38 PM

Julian Keller -- 19-23 -- Hellion-- Mutant
Julian is the second son of William and Elizabeth Keller, and has an older brother, James. He is very rebellious and has a tendency to be a bit of a show off. While brilliant and a good tactician, Julian simply cannot resist to have all focus on him and tends to lead people into dangerous areas, not considering any of his teammates other abilities, strengths or weaknesses, figuring that if he can take it, they can. His mutant power is simply telekinesis, in an extremely potent vein.

Julian is thirsty to prove himself, mostly to his parents who tire of his antics and acting out and wish he would quiet down and keep his powers to himself. They’ve finally had enough of his run-ins with the law that they’ve cut everything off to their son, leaving the burden on his older brother’s shoulders.

Julian super respects Emma and appreciates that she sees what he sees in his power. I think their relationship would be a rather good one. Whether or not he has the hots for his teacher/mentor is up to you.

As far as his relationship with Doug goes, he probably doesn’t respect or see a comrade in Cypher, and is probably pretty jealous of Doug’s relationship with his parents being as close as it is. He also probably doesn’t like the fact that Doug is close to their shared mentor as well. I see either a rivalry or a biting sarcasm between them; maybe eventual friendship? Who can say.

Canonically, his best friends are Brian, Cessily and Santo, who he considers more of his family than others. Julian is a bit of a flirt and has had canonical romantic connections to Wind Dancer, Surge, The Stepford Cuckoos and X-23, but he seems to be flirtatious with any girl he finds remotely attractive. Though we do have a Laura on site, so feel free to explore any sort of relationship with her.

SUGGESTED PBs: Matthew Terry (Pictured), Xavier Gutierrez, Josh Beech

Sharon Smith -- 17-22 -- Catseye-- Mutant
Sharon is a human born with obvious physical mutations, causing her to be abandoned at birth. She was raised by feral cats and while she still possessed a more human intellect and mind, Sharon thought of herself as a cat until she came across Emma. Her and Emma have a mother/daughter bond, and like a cat, Sharon has attached herself to the White Queen.

Emma has helped Sharon get used to being in her human form, but she still prefers to be a cat when she can. Her mutant power is the antithesis to Wolfsbane’s; Ailuranthropy, enhanced senses, that sort of thing.

As such, she feels kinship with other animalistic mutants, like Wolfsbane, who understand the deeper, feral nature of her. Her relationship with Doug, I see, as starting off awkwardly (as Doug just thought she was a dyed cat….so treated her like a pet cat, until she revealed herself) but I can see them being good friends and Sharon having attached herself to Doug as well.

I don’t see it being romantic, but it could develop that way? Either way, I see Sharon and Doug being the closest of the Hellions, and Sharon not trusting the rest of them. She would especially dislike Empath, I feel. Though I feel most people should dislike the emotion manipulator. Obviously, these are just ideas, feel free to interpret how you wish.

Catseye does have naturally purple hair, yellow cat-like eyes, pointed ears and a tail, so there might need to be edits, but I’m sure one of us can help you, if you want to do them.

SUGGESTED PBs: Madeline Rae Mason (Pictured), Rena Lovelis, Chloe Norgaard

Marie-Ange Colbert -- 18-24 -- Tarot-- Mutant
Marie was born in Lyon, France and spent most of her life there before coming to America. She is a shy, quiet girl who is a good-natured, kind and sympathetic person. How she met Emma and joined the Hellions is up to you, but Marie is one of the soft spoken ones.

Her powers include psychometry, pre and post cognition and a psychic connection to her tarot deck, allowing her to create psychic illusions or constructs through them. She also has some talent at magic, though it’s nowhere near as great as Magik or Wanda.

Canonically, she has a crush on both Cypher and Empath, if you wanted to explore that. As usual, she trusts Emma and I believe due to her psychic powers, if Jace wants to allow that, knows more than she lets on and believes Emma to be a good person deep down.

Marie is probably very good friends with Sooraya and Jennifer, of the Hellions. She would be one of the first to end up siding with the X-men if she had to, however, and wants to do good and help people, even now.

Suggested PBs: Claudia Traisac (Pictured), Margaret Qualley, Isabella Palmieri

Jennifer Stavros -- 18-25 -- Roulette-- Mutant
Born in Atlantic City, NJ, Jenny is one of six children, with four older brothers and one younger sister. She is of Emma’s more manipulative type of minions, used to getting what she wants, when she wants. She’s kind of a bully and has a friendship with fellow manipulator Empath. Her power is luck/probability manipulation, similar to Black Cat or Domino. Unlike them, however, Roulette can create energy discs of this energy and use them on herself others.

While you’re free to interpret, my idea is that she grew up in a rough neighborhood and didn’t have the best home life, until she got her powers. Then her family respected her, but only because she could win them things. Since Marvel did not develop her family much at all, feel free to do so, even make some of her siblings mutants if you want.

But yeah, I see her as trying to be chic and stylish….but she’s still from a ‘White Trash’ neighborhood in Jersey, so it doesn’t always work. That’s just my suggestion, since Marvel didn’t develop her background, feel free to explore it any way you wish.

Upon meeting Emma, she found someone who appreciated her AND her powers. Also canonically Jenny ALSO has a crush on Cypher, so if you wanted to do that, feel free. Doug would probably not exactly like her as a person, but he’d understand why she was the way she was and try and be friendly with her.

Suggested PBs: Suki Waterhouse (Pictured), Jennessa Rose, Debby Ryan

Haroum Al-Rashid -- 20-25 -- Jetstream-- Mutant
Haroum ibn Sallah al-Rashid is a young mutant from the Rif Mountains in Morocco, born to a Berber father and Iberian mother. Like Doug, Haroum was in a loving community and family group who accepted him for what he is; a mutant.

Haroum’s power is similar to that of Cannonball’s, though he flies via thermo-kinetic energy in his legs. The first time his powers activated, they scorched his lower legs severely and he might have lost them completely, had Emma not intervened. She provided him with the means to control his powers and flight via cybernetic enhancements placed in his legs, allowing him to not cause injury to himself and others he cared about around him.

By his sense of honor, Haroum felt obligated to serve Emma in her endeavors, as she made life better for him and continues to make life better for his people.

Unlike the other Hellions, Haroum is a mystery; he sets himself apart at times. He feels indebted to Emma, but aside from that, I’m not sure what their relationship is, SO feel free to explore it, everything. I do know that he probably dislikes both Empath and Roulette, as they are manipulative, petty people and he doesn’t seem to be.

He is probably the closest culture-wise to Sooraya, having the same religion though he eats Pork. Coming from a more traditional family, Haroum is probably not used to seeing women in the positions that they are in, but understands that America is a different culture and land.

An antithesis to Cannonball, since we do have one on site, you could have the two have a rivalry. As he owes Emma a great deal, Haroum is also one of the Hellions that will never betray her, or at least it would take a lot to push him that way.

Doug and him never interacted in comics, but I imagine he’s probably the closest person Doug has to a ‘male’ friend under Emma’s tutelage. I see them playing chess together often.

Suggested PBs: Omar Borkan Al Gala (Pictured), Serdar Kayabali, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ

Sooraya Qadir -- 18-24 -- Dust-- Mutant
Sooraya was born and raised in Afghanistan, a country decimated by war and terror and those who wished to rule the land. She was the only child in her family, though she can barely remember her father, only her mother; Mirah. Moving from place to place and living in refugee camps gave Sooraya a hard life to start with; being a woman growing up in the region doubled it.

Her powers manifested when adolescence was upon her, and she would have been ripped from her family and used as a tool to fight the ‘others’ by any power in the area. Emma Frost managed to rescue her from this fate, at the cost of leaving her family behind. Sooraya is one with the desert and can transform herself into a sand form and manipulate sand around her.

Safely transported to the US, Sooraya also feels a great debt to Emma. She is a devout Sunni Muslim, and due to her life before the Hellions, being scorned by others is the least of her worries, and one she feels she can deal with more easily that the other burdens she bears.

She is quiet and was very nervous at first, but has settled in finally. A lot of people misunderstand her choice to continue wearing traditional muslim garb as ‘giving in to her oppressors’. Whether its a Niqab or if she’s decided to go for the hijab is up to you, but it IS a part of her character, so it should be shown or described.

Sooraya is very mature and wise for her age, and having grown up where she did. She is an only child like Doug, so I imagine they get along, even if they don’t talk much. Sooraya relies on Emma to help her locate her mother, still trapped in Afghanistan, and rescue her from the clutches of the Taliban as well.

Sooraya is a decent person, and is probably understood most by Haroum, sharing a similar culture/religion and is friends with Marie and Sharon. She is not as close to the boys, feeling that it is improper. Sooraya, like Haroum, is one of the few Hellions to have faced incredible hardships in her life already. Also no reason but there also just so happens to be a Jay Guthrie on site, just sayin.

Suggested PBs: Tarlan Parvaneh (Pictured), Hasti Mahdavifar, Nura Afia

Manuel De La Rocha -- 21-26 -- Empath-- Mutant
Manuel Alfonso Rodrigo de la Rocha was born in Castile, Spain in an old money family that lauded their heritage even as they had no money or power, having been stripped a generation past. At fifteen, Manuel discovered his powers and delighted in them...until he was discovered. His abilities allowed him to influence the emotions of others and control them...to some extent.

What happened with that is up to you, but after his powers manifested, I feel that Emma came to find him, as she did with Sooraya and Haroum. So yes, the incident where he used his powers and subsequent recruitment by Emma are entirely up to you. The comics never cover it, so feel free to interpret it however you wish.

Though he felt a great attraction to Emma, when he tried to peek into her mind, she showed him what she was truly capable of. This has somewhat cured him of that desire. He is canonically attracted to Amara Aquilla AKA Magma, even going so far as to use his abilities on her (a bad idea), but feel free to explore whoever else he might like.

Manuel, Like Jenny, is a manipulative individual who sees what he can take from the world and how he can bend it to his whims. He doesn’t trust people, because he can control how they feel. How could he ever trust anyone but Emma, who is immune to his powers? Manuel gets along with the others, mainly due to Emma’s urging but he sets himself apart. Jenny is his closest friend, though he’s come to begrudgingly respect Julian.

It also helps that Emma has made all her students protected from his manipulations and has been helping him try to reclaim his rightful place in the Spanish Court.

He probably barely acknowledges Doug, until Doug proves to be popular with nearly every other girl around him, without even trying. Then Empath will be curious of him. It doesn’t help that Cypher literally understands everything he tries to say in Spanish.

PB Suggestions: Antonio Navas (Pictured), Maxi Iglesias, Jon Kortajarena

Cessily Kincaid -- 17-23 -- Mercury--Mutant
Cessily is an Irish-American teen born to Mark and Jill Kincaid in Portland, Oregon. She had a decent life and relationship with them, until her mutant power manifested and, horrified at their daughter’s appearance, they hid her away indoors until Emma found her and took her to New York. While her parents love her, they do not know how to accept her. Cessily is very affected by her appearance and mutant powers, and is one of the ‘good’ people in Emma’s group.

Like Sharon, Cessily’s power resulted in a physical mutation; her skin turned to metal and her eyes became pure white in color, which cause her to be rejected by her parents. Cypher calls her ‘T-1000’ affectionately. Aside from having metal skin, Cessily can reshape and stretch her body at will….like Mercury.

She is a great friend of Laura/X-23 in the comics, and we have one on site if you want to explore that. Cessily is closest to Julian and Santo, seeing them as older brothers she never had. Cessily is thankful for Emma’s help at this time, and for a place to stay, but being a good kid she is probably one of the other’s prone to siding with the X-men, and is a good influence on Julian and Santo.

As for her relationship with Doug, I don’t know. They never met in comics, so let’s see how they get along! Doug does tend to get along with girls much easier than men at times, so it can be good, if we want.

PB Suggestions: Katherine McNamara (Pictured), Bella Thorne, Ellie Bamber

Brian Cruz -- 19-25 -- Tag-- Mutant
Brian is an Afro-Latin American man from Puerto Rico and has a very close relationship with Julian, being one of his best friends and strong right arm. Not much else is known about him, so go hog wild and feel free to develop him how you want, personality wise. He is closest to Julian and doesn’t question orders from him or Emma.

I imagine that being best friends with Julian, Brian is also close to Cessily and Santo as well and is part of that group within the Hellions. There isn’t much known about his personality, interests, history, etc. So feel free to explore all of it. His powers most likely manifested during his teenage years, and he was recruited by Emma, and of course the information above. Not much else is known about Brian, so feel free to develop his personality how you wish.

His mutant power allows him to psychically imprint people temporarily, which can either draw others toward them or repulse others away. He cannot affect himself, only others. It also allows him some psychic resistance.

As for Doug, he probably doesn’t spend a lot of time with someone like Doug. We can explore what their relationship might be, though!

PB Suggestions: Stephan James (Pictured), Adrian Kali Turner, Harrison Knight

Santo Vaccaro -- 18-24 -- Rockslide-- Mutant
Santo is an Italian-American teen from Boston (please do the full Boston accent, it's fun, but ofc do what you want). Santo wants to be a Superhuman wrestler and enjoys murder mystery shows and DDR games. He is competitive, brash, inconsiderate of others or their feelings at times and is used to it being his way or the highway, and he can be oblivious to many things. However, he is a good friend and cares about his teammates, even when he doesn’t always get along with them.

He likes Emma as a mentor and his best friends would be Brian, Cessily and Julian. He is very protective of Cessily, since she’s a good kid who hates her appearance, and doesn’t like anyone bothering either Haroum or Sooraya over their faith. He is also a physically mutated mutant, looking similar to The Thing, if the Thing weren’t Orange. Aside from that, Santo can also detonate himself at will and re-form. Cypher calls him ‘Geodude’

As far as his relationship with the others, I can see Rockslide basically being a sort of bully to Cypher, to try and toughen him up. But Cypher’s their weirdo loser mutant teammate, so they’re the only ones allowed to mess with him; very much an older brother type relationship in some ways. At least, that’s my suggestion. He also has his own sense of honor and rules to follow, which would allow him to relate to Haroum.

PB Suggestions: Etienne Robert (Pictured), Simon Nessman, Arthur Sales

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