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 End of the World... of Warcraft

Luxora Devareaux

18 years old
53 posts
Jul 8 2018, 07:57 PM

End of the World... of Warcraft

So where was he, anyways?

Afternoon sunlight filtered through the rustling leaves of the beautifully rendered forest. Woodland creatures skittered around in the tall grass while larger ones mulled about, pretending to bend down and graze. Luxora had landed on a female member of the worgen, and classed into mage. Thanks to her abysmally low level she was dressed in little more than common garb with a walking stick doubling as a staff. She'd pulled the trigger on purchasing World of Warcraft the night after she'd met Doug; a dude who hadn't been immediately put off by her when he had more than a few reasons not to.

In her naivete, she'd even shown him a taste of her abilities.

More importantly, though, he was funny. Standoffish at first, but once they'd kind of taken a step back things got a lot better. She'd gotten him coffee before having to run off because her mom needed her, but that was okay because he'd have found the first line of his coding to be her phone number. Nothing was deleted or destroyed, merely added with bookends so he'd pick up on it. Brave, yeah, but he was more than the average coder.

That was a few days ago, and since then they'd exchanged texts and handles on WoW. Finally, she was ready to play the game that so many adults had obsessed over in the future. Before she could fully start, though, the girl thought it best to find the guy who'd helped her decide to actually buy into the game. He was gonna power level her, after all.

Lux waited a long moment before pulling up the private message box to send Doug's given username a quick message, "hey I'm just outside Gilneas."

Douglas Ramsey

19 years old
20 posts
Jul 14 2018, 11:02 PM
If you could only see the beast you’ve made of me

Finding her number had been interesting, if a novel way to get it. Doug’s friends had asked him who he’d met, and he’d just said a very pretty girl named after a furniture company. Doug liked World of Warcraft but preferred to play girls on it; the men just looked ugly, except for the Worgen. But he’d never built one before, so he decided to go with his level 110 Draenei Shaman girl to help out Lux and her low level.

He let her get through the lower levels herself first; it let her learn the controls and there was a lot of story in Gilneas. He was making his way over there via flying on his own with the class mount Shamans got. It had been a while since he’d been there, before he got a message. Using voice to text, since Doug preferred WASD, he gave her a response. “Sorry, it’s taking a bit. I’m flying over there and I had to port over from the Broken Isles.” After he sent that, he spied her. “Are you on voice chat?” He asked, hoping they could switch to mics.

“ARE YOU READY FOR THE PAIN?” Doug typed, before dropping down in front of her in his Shaman, fully modded outfit and weapons. Doug liked to build actually decent and believable outfits, so he was currently in gold and cobalt chainmail, dropping off his flying air elemental mount. “So, we can power level you pretty easily. How much time do we have?” He asked, knowing Lux had a full schedule. His female character arrived.

“So, what spec did you choose? Did you pick what I recommended?” He asked, telling her straight up to go with Arcane; it was the best spec to choose from for mages. He was currently specced for healing with his Shaman, just in case they ran into problems. “Don’t worry, we’ll get you high level enough that you can make your armor look really pretty, too.” Doug joked, switching over to voice chat. The best option to go for was the Highlands….But he was powerleveling her.

“Well, hop on,” Doug told her, switching to the Dragon style mount one could get (which meant turning into one) “I can get us to your quest zone ASAP so we can start questing and leveling as fast as we can. Just like that and you’ll be 110 like me.” He added.

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