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Nov 11 2015, 06:21 PM

In order to create a positive environment in which to roleplay, there are a few rules that must be followed on this site. You will be held to the standards set forth in the rules, even if you have not read them. Please contact an admin if you have any questions regarding them. Thanks!


    1. First and foremost, we are a 3-3-3 site which means YOU MUST BE 18+ TO JOIN THIS SITE. If you are not and we find out, your accounts will all be deleted and your IP address will be banned.
    2. Please register an in character account in proper capitalization. For example, James Barnes or Steve Rogers.


    1. Before beginning your application, please check the banned and restricted list to ensure you are not applying for a character not allowed on the board. Restricted characters cannot be the first character applied for and you may only play two of them at a time.

    2. All characters must be at least 16 years of age.
    3. While we allow WIP applications to be posted, we will only hold them for seven days before requiring they be finished or archived.

    4. New players can get their first two characters right away. After that, you must have 10 IC posts with your most recently created character before you can apply for another. Applications pended for post count will be held two weeks.
    5. No new characters will be accepted for a player who has characters in the inactive category or has an away message up.
    1. Face claims must be well-established actors, models, singers, or other type of performers and be at least 16 years of age.
    2. Once you are accepted, your first stop is the claims section. Once this is done, your character will be sorted. You will not be able to post until this step is complete.
    3. If you have not completed your claims within seven days of acceptance, your character will be considered up for grabs again.

    1. Avatars are 250px X 400px and must feature the face claim of the character. Nudity or pornographic images are not allowed.
    2. Miniprofiles must be filled out to completion within seven days of acceptance.
    3. Posting templates are required for IC posts. We allow a 7 day grace period for new players to find a template they like. SHINE and ATF are wonderful sources for templates!

    1. There is no limit of characters a player can pick up as long as a clear effort is made to keep them active. All major canon characters need to be consistently active or will be made available for reapplication.
    2. Make sure to post all absences in the absence area with the start and end dates of your absence. Do not PM an admin with your absences or post them in the cbox or they could be missed.
    3. If a major canon is placed in the inactive group, you will have 1 week to make them active again. If this is not done the inactive account(s) will be deleted and your character(s) will be made available. Keep in mind, canons will be looked at more closely than an OC as an OC cannot be adapted by another player.
    4. Group event threads are expected to be priority when it comes to activity. To keep these plot events rolling, a three day posting period will be allowed. In the event that the posting period expires, a member of staff will apply the skip feature to that turn and act as a place holder so the next person can post. If the skipped player later wants to make a post in that thread, they may but it will not affect the other posts that happened.

IC Post Etiquette
    1. Godmodding and Metagaming are both strictly prohibited. All posts must be written in the third person point of view and OOC knowledge (i.e. any knowledge you have but your character does not) must be kept out of IC posts.
    2. Please be respectful of others on the board and mark all threads with mature content in the following format:

      [MV] - Mature for Violence.
      [MS] - Mature for Sexual Content.
      [MT] - Mature for Triggers.

      As an example, your thread title and description should read like this:
      Topic title: [MT] Awesome title here
      Topic description: [Trigger - Gore] tag : spiffypants mcawesomesauce

OOC Behavior & Cbox Etiquette
    1. The number one rule of the board is respect. Disrespect, harassment, and hate speech will not be tolerated. Continued disrespectful behavior will result in temporary or permanent bans.
    2. If anyone has any concerns about the behavior of a member, questions about rules, or would like clarification on a staff ruling, please PM an admin for assistance. If you want to ensure that an admin will see your message you must PM them.
    3. The Cbox is meant to be a positive environment which attracts new players and promotes our friendly community. We will not tolerate continual negativity in cbox. Please see the appropriate discord channel to vent.
    4. Please keep cbox conversations classy. The cbox is not age locked and anyone can see it, so we ask that players keep this in mind when discussing subjects in it.
    5. The cbox is a spoiler free zone. We're just as excited about the latest comic book, tv, or movie release as you are, but for recent media (released within two weeks) please do not post any spoilers. Messages saying "I read/saw this, does anyone want to chat about it?" are allowed, but the conversation should then move to a private venue.

Thank you for reading, Your Admins

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